Project Simplify – Week 2


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This week’s challenge was a real bear – Paper Clutter.  He’s been hibernating in my home for too long, so I firmly told him it was Spring, and he would have to go!  I’m happy to say I had success.  I just pray when he comes looking for a place to hole up next winter, I’ll have more organized guests already occupying the space….we’ll see.

Here is my before picture with piles on our coffee table from all over the house:

And here is my after picture – all I have left is to go through my ‘task’-it basket, but I needed Tom’s help.  We’ll be sure to do it ASAP!

Ah – I feel ten pounds lighter – and no grumpy old bear growling at me.

A big thanks to for setting up this 5 week challenge.  Our next hot spot will be assigned on Monday.  I just pray I can keep it up!

How did you do?


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