96 Tears

Debi Walter:

I recently posted the following on my author blog. I find the research fascinating…I may never cry again without thinking of it.

Originally posted on Debi Gray Walter:

Photo by Rose-Lynn Fisher Photo by Rose-Lynn Fisher

Most everyone who is 50+ is familiar with the song by the same name as this blog post. In fact, you’re most likely singing it now that I’ve mentioned it–you’re welcome! :-) But did you know that whatever circumstances signal our tears also cause those tears to look differently under a microscope? I recently read a fascinating article that not only described these differences in full detail, but also provided photographs of the different types of tears to highlight how different they look.

Take the photograph at the top of this post; they are basal tears–those shed as a reflex to pain or atmospheric irritants. They actually look like rain falling and forming a river, don’t they?

Here’s another one:

Photo by Rose-Lynn Fisher Photo by Rose-Lynn Fisher

Any idea what caused these types of tears? It is the tears of change–something I’ve been shedding quite a bit these days. Something Tom…

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