The Letter “A”


Since I was the first one to plan one of our Alphabet Dates, I really wanted to do something unique and special.  I got the unique part fine, but it wasn’t so special.  I took Tom to the Exotic Car Gallery located in front of the Mall at Millenia.  They said the gallery held a variety of high end sports cars that allowed visitors to get close and take great photos.  What they didn’t tell us was about the “Do Not Touch” signs posted all over each vehicle!  And the cars were locked!  I was very disappointed.  I thought Tom would have a chance to sit inside a Maserati or pretend to drive the huge Bentley.  Instead we spent most of our time playing the elaborate race car video games located just off the lobby.  All in all it was fun, but certainly not worth the money!

After playing for about an hour, we headed to Antonio’s Cafe & Deli located in the heart of Maitland across from Lake Lilly.  This is a favorite of ours for great Italian food and conversation.  There’s always a unique item that catches my attention for sale in their imported grocery store.  Tonight it was Marrons Glace imported from Italy.  Tom had to look it up on Google – they are glazed chestnuts in liquor.  Hmmm – I learned something I didn’t know before!

The best part was sharing with Tom all that I APPRECIATE about him.  I think I get an “A” for this one, but that’s a given!

Below are a variety of “A” ideas that you can choose from in planning your own “A” Date:

“A” Activities:

Aiguille Rock Climbing Center – spending an evening working together to ascend the heights of these indoor rock walls.

After Hours – plan to pick up your spouse after work and go out for Appetizers together.

Aquatica – Sea World’s premiere water park.  Don’t live near one?  Visit any “Agua” park without the kids.  Very relaxing and fun!

Air Show – watch for local air shows at regional airports.

Airplane watching – drive to your local airport at night, park under the stars and watch the planes come in.

Ala Mode – go out for dessert that comes with ice cream!

Alma Mater – if possible visit your spouse’s or your alma mater.

Aquarium – visit one close to you.


Amphitheater – check out events happening at a local outdoor theater.  In Orlando check out Lake Eola’s Amphitheater.

“A” Food:


American – at home or visit an A & W Restaurant.

Apple Pie (ala mode)  🙂

Australian – The Outback Steakhouse is a classic favorite!

Applebee’s Restaurant

Artichokes, stuffed Italian style – a fun dish to share

“A” Special Touches:

Antiques – browse through local antique stores

Flowers – Amaryllis

Affection – talk about ways your spouse shows affection to you that are meaningful.

Appreciate – share specific things you appreciate about your spouse.  If you must, write them down in a letter so you don’t forget any.

About Debi Walter

Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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  2. debiwalter says:

    Crystal wrote:

    I thought you’d get a good laugh at hearing about our date night last night. We are planning to do the whole alphabet themed date nights once a month on our date night and we started with the “A” last night. We realized however, that it did not increase our creativity with the types of things we did, rather, it just increased our vocabulary so that we could figure out what to call the things we like to do best. J

    We started out being AMAZED by God’s grace at work in each other’s lives and specific ways we’ve seen it at work in each other over the past week (a regular enjoyment of ours to communicate on date nights).

    Then we went and enjoyed AUSTRAILIAN food (at the Outback – a great idea found on your blog) including an A+ steak and since we arrived early…we ALMOST had the restaurant ALL to ourselves. J

    Then we decided to APPRECIATE the ATMOSPHERE on the AVENUE (taking a walk through the park at Park Ave. that is).

    We enjoyed some APPROPRIATE hot coffee as we walked in the cool AUTUMN AIR.

    We ASSENDED the stairs of the parking garage ALL the way to the top in order to ADMIRE the AUTUMN sunset. J

    We then enjoyed a sport ACTIVITY by throwing a tennis ball (that we found) back and forth on top of the empty parking garage. (just for silly fun)

    We then APPROPRIATELY ATE some AWESOME dessert (sharing a small container of ice cream from publix that we ate with 2 spoons – it’s cheaper than going out for ice cream – only 1.75!) J

    We then AQUIRED some AUTUMN AROMOTHERAPY (bought a few Autumn scented decorations to APPRECIATE the AUTUMN smell in our home) which we bought at the HomeGoods in ALTAMONTE.

    This was a longer date since my mom came early so we fit a lot in. I know isn’t quite what you all were probably thinking which is why we thought you would get a good laugh out of it. On our next alphabet date, we’re planning to pick up a BOLTHOUSE drink and play some BADMITTEN at BALDWIN Park. J

    Thank you for spurring us on in growing in our love for one another! Aaron and I are so grateful to God for you & Tom!


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