Watch Your Expectations


We are in a season of busyness and change – our third granddaughter was born Thursday, July 9th, and once again we’re having to adjust to a new normal. In only a few more days…our first grandson will arrive as well!  What a blessing children and grandchildren are, but with each addition there can be added stress to the marriage relationship.  We must prepare ourselves for the coming changes; and as husbands it’s our primary responsibility to lead the charge!

I am reminded that the best way I can love my wife during this time is to have no expectations for myself.  Instead, I must seek to lay my life down for her.  She is needed – greatly needed right now by our daughters.  In order to show my love and affection to her in this time I must give her the freedom to serve them and be there for them.   In doing so, I’ve found our love grows stronger as a result.

1 Corinthians 13:5  says, “Love does not insist on its own way.”

Let’s ask ourselves – are we insisting on our own way?  If so, make this the primary discussion on your next date night.  Be willing to repent and ask forgiveness, for then, God’s grace will come pouring in like a flood washing away all selfish expectations!

Posted by Tom

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