Project 52: Come Away With Me

Our date this week is one of those you anticipate for weeks and weeks.  While most dates are not so significant, this one certainly was.  Last night Tom took me to see Norah Jones in concert!  It was a wonderful night where we paused in the busyness of all that’s going on around us just to listen to beautiful music and her amazing voice.

We were not disappointed.

The songs made us smile and remember.  They reminded us of how much we enjoy doing things like this together.  Sitting side by side in a full auditorium holding hands remembering our love; remembering where we were when we first heard “Come Away With Me.”  It was a night to cherish, and a date I’ll always remember.

Budget Alternative: We have the DVD of Norah Jones’ Live in Austin, Texas.  We highly recommend this for a stay-at-home date when the funds aren’t there for tickets to a concert.  Add some homemade Tex-Mex food to complete your romantic evening!

Project 52 is a challenge to date your spouse once a week for an entire year.  The idea isn’t spending a lot of money, but rather time together doing something you both enjoy.  Click the button below for all the details on the Simply Modern Mom blog.  It’s never too late to start!

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  1. Paul Byerly says:

    TexMex – now your talking. Care to share any recipes?


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