Project 52: I.Heart.List


Most everyone has heard of a Bucket List.  It’s from the movie by the same name and includes all the things you would love to do before you “kick the bucket”. Although we haven’t seen the movie, we like the idea.

Recently on a date night, we talked about all the things we would love to do someday.  It was a fun night, and we learned some things about each other we didn’t know;  Like Tom wants to fly in a fighter jet!  I had no idea he did.  Not me – I’ll be glad to go with him and video it – all from the ground.

Me? Mine is much safer – I want to go to Vermont for a Maple Syrup Harvest.  I want to smell the sap boiling in the huge outdoor cauldrons under a clear blue sky on a cold winter day.  These are two goals we discussed.

We love the idea of keeping such a list, but not so much the name. So we came up with our own name:


One thing we absolutely love to do together is take road trips!  It’s fun to discover places off the beaten path.  Imagine our excitement when we discovered on The National Geographic website a list titled: Drives of a Lifetime.

There are many listed all over the world.  You may realize one is right in your own backyard.  We’re adding this list to our “I.Heart.List” for sure, and maybe you will too.

Did you know there are 58 National Parks in America?  We have some friends who have decided they want to camp out in all of them.  It’s not such a lofty goal really, since they’ve already crossed off nearly half of them!

Why not plan a date night to discuss the things you would add to your own I.Heart.List?  Share them with us, and maybe we’ll add your idea to our list too!

Project 52 was started by Tiffany Bird at the Simply Modern Mom blog.  It’s a great idea challenging couples to date their spouse one week at a time for an entire year.  It’s never too late to start.  Check it out by clicking on the button:

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  1. I love the name. We should make an I Heart List too.


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