New Series: Water Into Wine

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Jesus’ first miracle took place at a wedding.  Up until this point He had done nothing to indicate publicly who He was and why He had come.  He was living life in an ordinary way.  That is until the marriage covenant had been sealed and the celebration had begun.

Wine was flowing freely, but then the worst thing happened – the wine ran out.  There was no more to offer the guests who were still celebrating.  What would this do to the party?  How would the guests feel knowing they drank the place dry?  What about the bride and groom – there would be an abrupt ending, not at all what they had planned. What about the host?  How embarrassing to realize all you had wasn’t enough.

But God had another plan.

  • He wanted the host to see his lack, his complete inability to meet the needs of his guests left to himself.  He had a serious problem and no means to fix it.
  • He wanted to Bride and Groom to realize His part in their marriage covenant.  There would be an abrupt ending to the celebration, if He were not present to work miracles in their relationship.
  • He wanted us to see His passion for marriage.  It is His desire to see all marriages producing fruit that remains, fruit which doesn’t dry up or run out.  Only He can do this.

He is present in our marriage – day in and day out.  He knows our need.  If we ask He will provide in ways we think are impossible.  He is the unseen guest, but He is more than a guest.  He is the reason we can make covenant together.  Without Him marriage wouldn’t work the way He intended.  And many times it fails.

We are beginning a new series using the Proverbs to instruct us practically in our marriage.  The goal is to take one chapter a week and pick a portion to discuss.  We don’t have a set idea of what we’ll do, but we’re trusting God to lead us to the verse/verses He has for us each week.  It will be like the Holy Spirit taking the Water of the Word and turning it into rich wine in our marriage as we make application.  It will be miraculous as we take part, and we pray others will take notice.  Again, not for our benefit only, but more importantly for His glory!

All miracles point to the Miracle Giver, and we can’t wait to see what He’ll do.

You may be familiar with Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church.  He has an excellent sermon applying the Proverbs to Marriage.  It is 45 minutes long, but worth the time.  It will lay the foundation for our series in the weeks ahead.  Simply click the picture to listen.


Mark and Grace Driscoll

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