Here’s To You!

Last night as Tom and I were reading the entries for our Here’s To Us Challenge, we were quite affected by your special moments.  It became our moment to celebrate.  I happened to have some fresh strawberries and some chocolate dipping sauce on hand, so I made a plate for us to enjoy while we watched a movie together, which ended up celebrating marriage in a surprising way.  The title of the film is, Did You Hear About the Morgans? If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the picture to watch the trailer.


Photo from the film

Yeah, we know this movie came out 2 years ago, but that’s about how often we watch movies.  So glad we watched this one.  And we’re so glad you entered our contest – thank you!  We pray your marriage will be touched in a meaningful way as you continue to look for these moments worth celebrating.

Now to announce our winner – first of all, you MUST know we use to select our winner.  How it works – we enter the number of entries we have and press a button.  It gives us the winning number, and then we count the comments down in the order they were received.  We had 11 entries and this month’s winning number is 8.  It so happens the winner is…..

Tracy Lytle

For those of you who don’t know, this is our 27 year old daughter – the one you will read about in tomorrow’s post.  She has been married for nearly 6 years to Seth and has two adorable children whom we love more than we thought possible.  It is so kind of God to choose to bless them this month. Congratulations, Tracy! Here is her special moment:

While packing up our house I came across some old pictures. I found one of the first day I met Seth and I also found the old journal I kept during that time. I was able to show it to him and read the journal entries I had written at the time. It was a good laugh in the midst of a sad season in my life.

Next, we want to share with you the entries we received – they are too good to leave in the comment section by themselves.  They deserve their own post, so here you go:


Bob and I had a fun, silly moment as we toasted the launch of my new blog. Bob grilled steaks and we lifted a glass to each other. My laptop, complete with my blog on the screen, also joined us at the table. It just seemed wrong not to include it.


We had to unexpectedly put down our family cat this past Saturday. I could not be in the room while the Doctor put down my sweet boy. My husband stayed and held him, telling him it was okay while he took his last breath. I’m so thankful for him.


A funny thing happened one fine gardening day!

Wayne and I were out doing our routine/mundane yard work one Saturday afternoon. We tugged at and pulled out weeds, swept off the driveway, replanted, snipped here, lopped there, etc… Finally, as the day was nearing the end, I asked Wayne if he would like to lay out in our hammock (nailed between two trees) with me and rest up. He and I both positioned ourselves to carefully sit down together, before we were to skillfully position ourselves in the laying out position… Next thing ya know…PLUNK!!

We found ourselves flat on the ground…(only about two feet down)…We began laughing at the ‘sight’ of it…Too funny…but while we were on the ground, we happened to notice a tiny wee flower that ‘just happened’ to be growing in an ‘out-of-the-way’ spot in the leaves. How sweet to ‘rest’ among nature’s beauty!It was great to enjoy such a silly event and laugh at ourselves… :)


Last week, I was helping my husband take the garbage out to the alley one evening, and we both took a moment to stop and look at the sunset. It was a beautiful moment to stop and take a few deep breaths together in the middle of a busy day.


We had an impromptu celebration of spring over the weekend. We had planned on grilling some chicken for dinner, but when we noticed just how beautiful the weather was outside, we made an occasion out of it.

After cleaning the pollen off the patio table and setting a center piece of our seedlings for our garden, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner under the blue skies. The birds provided the background music and the slight cool breeze kept the temperature just right. We even had a pair of bees to buzz around and provide some entertainment. It was a wonderful evening.

Jeremy and I sat in our bed on an ordinary night and read out loud our testimonies to each other that we were planning to share the next night at our church. It was a very special moment for us both and ended with us in tears at the gratefulness of God’s work in our lives :)
My husband and I of a year and a half have started clinking our glasses together and saying “Cheers” at any time of the day. Whether we are drinking milk or our favorite cherry limeade, it makes us both laugh and make the moment together feel special.
While I was on Bed-rest for five weeks, George and I didn’t get much time alone together because of the blessing of so much help we were so so blessed with and with his taking care of all my responsibilities as well as his own. One afternoon during our two year old’s nap-time we purposed to just sit and talk without the tv on and with nothing else “getting done”.. He joined me on my home for five weeks, the couch, and we just spent undistracted time together. I’m so grateful for the way that he served me during those weeks, and I’m also so grateful to be off of bedrest ready to welcome this baby! =)
When we had only been married a few years, Joe and I had been asked to help a family member with a financial burden. With only one of us working, we made a choice to forgo buying anything for Christmas…It was very hard….We had a very tight budget that year and it seemed the right thing to do :) I don’t think we realized just how hard it would be :) one day I found an extra $5.00 in my purse…I sooo wanted a tree :) ) I got up the nerve to go to this Christmas tree place a few days before Christmas and ask if he had any trees that might cost $5.00….He looked around and pointed to this broken tree….”how about that one?” I squealed with glee:::: “i’ll take it!!” he loaded it in my car and handed me back my $5.00…”oh just have it…Merry Christmas”….When Joe came home, he was so surprised and then we both were near tears as we rejoiced in how God’s kindness was so brought forth in something which seemed so small….but was so very big to us! Who would have thought that 22 years ago that small gesture would still be a beautiful reminder to us that God even cares about the small things…and for the record…that had to be the most beautiful tree ever!
Chris is such a thoughtful hubby. Sunday (my Bday) we all went to my fave beach. He had purchased 2 kites, bubbles, and filled a cheery insulated picnic basket with a gourmet picnic.

Some have said they would’ve wanted the day “off” from the kids- and those times are special! But as we toasted my bday w bubbly and enjoyed one another in the midst of the family the Lord has blessed us with, I was incredibly thankful for my amazing hubby!! We can be fully in the midst of 6 kiddos & still get lost in each other. I love this man. :)

And now to a new month of finding little moments worth celebrating.  You’re doing a GREAT job.  If you would like details on how it works – click the picture below.  Thanks!  And if you have your own blog and would like to encourage your readers to take part in our monthly challenge simply grab the photo and link to post on your site.  We only ask that you link back to us so we can keep track of all the good God is doing in our lives.

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