Happy Hour

Here are our picks of blog posts we think are special.  Enjoy browsing through these over the weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday!


Marriage Gems

Family Life

  • Is Marriage A “Dying” Institution? – a provoking article on what we’re facing in our culture today.  This motivates us to work even harder on our blog – promoting marriage as God intended.

  • Mind Reading – Or Not? – Minde is new to the blogosphere, but not to the marriage world.  She offers some sage advice which you may be surprised to discover how you do this in your own relationship.
Engaged Marriage

The Generous Wife

  • Keep It Simmering – a great reminder that you are your beloved’s and he is yours!
  • Praying Together – most married couples find it difficult to pray together on a regular basis.  Lori provides some helpful tips to change this statistic.
The Generous Husband

  • Be a Man, and Go First – the title says it all.  If you’re reluctant to follow this link, it may be the very thing you need to read.  Go for it…
Marriage Missions International 

  • Tear Down Walls – Steve and Cindy Wright offer biblical wisdom in this post that all marriages need to read and apply.  Are you feeling walls of separation between you and your spouse?  Is communication often difficult or hampered?  Take time to read this post, if you read no others!  It may change your marriage for good!
Marriage Life

  • It’s Moving Day – a great analogy on the importance of working on your marriage.  
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