Making Vacations Memorably Romantic II

On top of Grandfather Mountain, Boone, N.C.

First of all we have found an unbelievable resource for planning a romantic getaway.  The links and ideas are so extensive, we’ve barely scratched the surface.  They have every location, idea, theme, setting for a vacation place you can imagine and probably some you’ve never thought of or heard of.  If you’re planning a romantic getaway be sure to check out this site: 1,001 Vacation Ideas.

Romance In The Mountains

What if you’re planning a vacation in the mountains?  What sort of things would make the vacation especially romantic?  Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Go to the Visitor’s Center and request a map of hiking trails.  Be sure to pack lots of water and let someone know the trail you intend to hike.  Many cell phones don’t work, and if you get lost you’ll want someone to know to come looking for you.  (the voice of experience – don’t ask why!) 🙂
  • Build an outdoor fire and roast marshmallows while talking about favorite childhood memories.  Or talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Go to the highest point late at night to watch the stars.  We did this once on the Continental Divide in Colorado, and we’ll never forget the expansive view of Heaven.  Take a blanket because it’s cold even in the summer months.
  • If this is a road trip, play the alphabet game.  Simply start with the letter “A” and use this as a springboard for your romantic memories.  For example, “A” could be a trip to Alaska you took together or a special evening you shared enjoying Apple Pie on a cold night.  Work your way through the entire alphabet.  You could change it up a bit and make the letters places you hope to go to together someday.
  • Go Fly Fishing.
  • Go boating.  Many mountain lake marinas rent boats for 1/2 or full days.
  • Pack a picnic and find a secluded spot in the woods or on a rock in the middle of a stream.  We did this once and it was spectacular watching the water flow all around us with the mountain views above.  Very romantic!
  • Go White Water Rafting.
  • Go tubing down a lazy river.
  • Go horseback riding together.
  • Take a local cooking class.
  • Go to an outdoor concert.
  • Do nothing together.  🙂
  • Watch the firefly’s come out in the cool of the evening.
  • Go mountain biking.  Many ski slopes are opened for the summer as biking trails.  The lifts take you and your bike up the mountain and then, you ride it down – on easy trails that wind their way down at a mild slope. Or if you’re daring, there are black diamond courses too.  The best part is you can stop along the way to enjoy a break together while taking in the amazing views.
  • Pick wildflowers or wild berries together.  Don’t forget the bug repellent.
  • Go off roading.  We rented a 4 x 4 truck one year and took it off road.  We found some amazingly beautiful and secluded spots we would have missed otherwise very romantic!

Do you have a romantic idea for a mountain vacation?  Be sure to share them with us.  We want The Romantic Vineyard to be a great resource for couples looking to make their vacations something special.

If you’re going to the mountains of Virginia, Western North Carolina or Tennessee check out this publication, Fun Things To Do In The Mountains, covering 35 counties.  It is published monthly and provides details on everything going on in that region.  The link is the July 2011 issue.  Enjoy!

This is Post #13 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in July. 

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  1. Talk about personalizing a blog for your audience! Thanks, Debi. You’re helping us plan our trip.


  2. Sharon O says:

    That is an awesome picture of the two of you, I would frame that and place it in a special place in your home.


  3. Scott says:

    Whenever we rent a cabin for a romantic getaway we always make sure it has a hot tub! A hot tub and a glass of wine make a great combination for romance!


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