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We said yes without even thinking.  How could we refuse?  It was the opportunity to experience dining on a whole new level.

We were in New Orleans on business.  Some dear friends from California were there as well and celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  They invited us to go with them to The Commander’s Palace (where Emeril Lagasse got his start) and dine at the Chef’s Table.  We couldn’t believe they wanted us to join them, but without hesitation we accepted.

It was not simply dinner – it was an event!  The sous chef entertained us, engaged us in the making of each course, and explained everything about life in his working environment.  It was an absolute blast.  It is still one of those nights we rank in the Top Three of our best romantic dates.

B.U.T. most couples can’t or don’t want to afford such an experience.  I know we couldn’t at that time in our marriage, but God blessed us.

We share with you this story so you can appreciate a couple of affordable alternatives.

The first of which we took advantage of last night.  We went to Carrabba’s, which is a restaurant we love and frequent often on date nights.  However, we changed it up a bit and sat at the kitchen counter.  We had front row seats for all the cooking action.

Although the cooks didn’t have much time to engage us in conversation, it was still fun and quite entertaining.  We even got a free appetizer when the cook handed us a plate of Ravioli to sample.  It was delicious!

Luma on Park in downtown Winter Park offers a similar “kitchen counter” experience. On a tight budget? You could share a dinner making this experience even more affordable.

If you are planning a significant celebration, why not check out some of the nicer restaurants right here in Central Florida which offer a Chef’s Table .  We haven’t tried any of them yet, but we did the research and may just have to plan one in the near future.

NOTE: if you do NOT live in Central Florida:  Many of the restaurants listed below may be available in your area.  Simply do a search on google for “Chef’s Tables”.

Have you ever enjoyed a dinner out together so much you’ve never forgotten it?  Tell us, what is your favorite, most romantic restaurant?

The Orlando Business Journal provides an excellent article on the concept of The Chef’s Table and explains why some restaurants have altered their offerings in this economy.  

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5 Responses to Romantic Orlando – The Chef’s Table

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  2. Tammy says:

    One of our favorite romantic restaurants is Citricos in Disney’s Grand Floridian resort. We’ve always gotten reservations when the fireworks at the MK go off – spectacular! I think it also helps that both times we’ve eaten there have been FREE and it’s been around Christmas with the beautiful decorations. Very romantic for us!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Sounds like a wonderful evening, Tammy. We have never tried that restaurant before – we may have to. 🙂


  3. Annie says:

    Not sure if it is number one or not but it sure ranks up there! We had been in Scotland for a wedding and my sweet hubby decided that if we were so close to London we should stay a few days extra. So after 8 days in Scotland we flew back to London. Our first night there (we had finally arrived at our hotel about 4pm) we wandered the closest busy street to our hotel (probably Warwick Rd but I don’t remember). We came across a hole in the wall Italian restaurant that was splendid!! We will definitely try to find it on our next adventure to London (3 days simply was not long enough!!).


    • Debi Walter says:

      How fun, Annie! We also went to London for 3 days and then, took the Chunnel to Paris for 3 days. It was just enough to know we want to go back and stay longer next time. I hope you find the name of that restaurant. We would love to try it – some day! 🙂


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