When The Wine Runs Out

Photo Credit: Derek Gavey

J.R. Miller shared this glorious truth, which we received via Grace Gems.  If you haven’t subscribed to this wonderful newsletter, we encourage you to.  It always provides rich truth in which to soak your soul!

“When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother said to Him: They have no more wine.” John 2:3

This incident is a very fitting illustration of the failure of all this world’s joys. The wine ran out at a wedding-feast. There was not enough of it to last through to the end of the feast.

It is just so with all earth’s pleasures. It comes in cups–not in fountains; and the supply is limited–and soon exhausted.

It is especially so with sin’s pleasures. The prodigal son soon ran out of money, and began to be in need. A poet compared the pleasures of sin to a snowflake on the river, “a moment white–then gone forever!”

But it is true in a sense also–of pure earthly pleasures. Even the sweetness of human love is but a cupful, which will not last forever. The joy which so fills us today–tomorrow is changed to sorrow. Amid the gladness of the marriage altar–there is the knell of the end, in the words “until death do us part.”One of every two friends must hold the other’s hand in farewell at the edge of the valley of the shadow of death–and must stand by the other’s grave, and walk alone for part of the way. The best wine of earthly life and of love–will fail. If there were nothing better in this world–how sad it would be!

But it is here that we see the glory of Christ’s gospel. When earth’s wine fails–Jesus comes, and gives Heaven’s wine to supply the lack. How beautiful and how true is the picture here: the failing wine–and then Jesus coming with power and supplying the need! That is what He is doing continually. He takes lives which have drained their last drop of earthly gladness–and He satisfies them with spiritual good and blessing, so that they need nothing more.

When human joy fails–Jesus gives new joy, better than the world’s, and in unfailing abundance! How sad it is for those who have not taken Christ into their lives, and who have nothing but the empty cupwhen earth’s wine runs out!

If you are discouraged today for the lack you see in your marriage, realize there is joy to be found even in this place. Christ desires to fill the void, but we must ask Him to come and fill our empty cup.  He loves to supply abundantly in places where we are in desperate need, and there is no need where His grace isn’t sufficient to supply.

What helps you most when the “wine runs out?” 

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4 Responses to When The Wine Runs Out

  1. Beautiful analogy! And so true! Sometime we get so caught up in the ways of the world that we forget that we serve a loving and generous God. He tells us repeatedly that he will give us whatever ever we need if we only ask. We have been going through twin storms of illness and poverty, but He has been faithful to keep out spiritual cup full! And we have faith that He has better things waiting just beyond the storm.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Dena – what a testimony you shared in one short paragraph comment. Thank you for letting us see the light of Christ shining from your heart. We pray the storms will quickly pass, but even if they don’t, Christ will supply.
      Tom and Debi


  2. torcon1 says:

    That is fantastic insight and perspective thanks for sharing it Debi! Beautiful!!!


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