Casablanca Date Night

Photo Credit: Cassablanca, the movie

Here’s looking at you, kid!

Give your spouse a Hershey kiss when they wake up and say, “You know a kiss isn’t just a kiss. Tonight I’ll show you what I mean.”  And leave it at that!  They’ll be wondering what you’re up to all day long.

In the meantime do the following:

When your spouse arrives home at the time you told them, meet them at the door with a glass of sparkley, another Hershey kiss and escort them to the bedroom to shower and change into something you choose.  You could have them dress up 40’s style, or just dress comfortably – whatever you want.  Trench coats with nothing on underneath would be a fun surprise.  🙂

When they come out of the room, have a Moroccan candlelit dinner ready for them with Pandora playing an “As Time Goes By” selection of songs.  Simply go to Pandora and request a channel with this song title as the station you choose.  It will automatically play songs that sound like Cassablanca.

After dinner dance together using the mirrored ball for as long as you want – it could be one song or it could be several. Enjoy the closeness, the music and the ambiance.  But no kissing – not yet.

After dinner settle in to watch the classic movie while you snack on popcorn and Hershey kisses.

Dessert is to be served after the movie in the comfort of your bedroom.  It’s called “43 Kisses,” and it’s exactly what you’d expect – cards with 43 different ways to kiss.  Take turns drawing a card out of the box and kiss your sweetie the way the card says.  In this game there are no losers, but you must use all 43 cards!

Enjoy this video to get you in the mood for this sexy Casablanca Date!

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  1. My computer screen got steamed up when I read this post. Great idea.


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