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Tom and I started dating in June of 1978.  We were married in February of 1979, which gave me the idea of writing him a love letter using titles from the love songs of the 70’s. I plan to give it to him tonight on our date night – see if you can find all of them.  The answers will be posted in on our FB page on Wednesday.

Dear Tom,

My eyes adored you from the moment we met. You were like a bridge over troubled water.  I knew from our first date that you’re the one that I want.  I couldn’t wait for you to ring my bell on my private phone line so we could plan the next time when we would be reunited. I whispered, Baby come back!

When you told me I was three times a lady and that our time together lifted you higher and higher, I felt as though I had a night fever. It was then when I discovered I like dreamin’. One night at seventeen I even heard a Fifth of Beethoven in the background as I slept and many other silly love songs. My love the first time ever I saw your face you were killing me softly in the playground of my mind.

You called me Sunshine. On my shoulders and on my head raindrops keep fallin’. I am an American woman and even still many times Mama told me not to come to Bradenton to see you. How I longed to be close to you!  Yet, I was alone again naturally, until five months later we were married and you gave me a brand new key to your heart and your home. I would never have to face life without you.

I know I will survive whatever God sends our way, but seriously, we must make exercising a priority.  Have you considered the YMCA instead of the RDV? I know you’re torn between two. Lovers must make the choice of stayin alive, which I’m so grateful we have.

Tom, you light up my life, and you make my aging heart evergreen. There can never be too much Heaven, for as we dream of heaven the very thought fills us both with emotion. I want to kiss you all over. Maybe tonight’s the night when we can play that funky music and I’ll pretend I’m your dancing queen. 🙂

Babe, I want you to know that you can lean on me. Others said go away little girl, but you said let’s stay together, and we have for 32 years now.  I’m so glad I gotcha baby, and together we have faced seasons in the sun. Love’s theme in our lives is like a locomotion following a shining star.

The best of my love has always been reserved for only you. It may be just my imagination, but I thought I heard you knock three times just now, yet I know you are at work. As I type I see the band of gold that you gave to me on our wedding day.  Inside is etched TRW to DGW 2-24-79. I remember the way we were, but even more I love the way we are.

Thank you.  We’ve been gone so much I’m ready for you to take me home.  Country roads are inviting, especially with the fall leaves. But the time has come to kiss and say goodbye to our sweet grandchildren. We must pick up the pieces of toys they’ve scattered all over the place. Together we have enjoyed watching the shining star with them out the back window of their house, while we sang them the ABC song.

No matter the changes in our life we must trust God and let it be.

I love you so much, and I am happy to be

Yours forever,


So tell us the number of songs you’ve found in this letter by commenting on this post. The ones who get the correct answer will be placed in our monthly drawing for our Here’s To Us Challenge. The winner will receive a copy of the book What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp as well as a gift card to the restaurant of your choice. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!  Have fun!!


This is post #11 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in October.

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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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20 Responses to Love Song Letter

  1. Kristy says:

    Wow, now that is creative!!! I was born in 78, so I am not 100% sure if I got all the songs and if I can even count correctly these days!! But, my guess is 33. Good luck tonight! How cute!!


  2. says:

    I think I counted 53…


  3. I love this idea, Debi! Very fun and creative. Brad and I like to text song words to one another throughout the day and see what the other one texts back (another song). We cannot all be poets, but we can all express in our own way, words that others have beautifully written! Love it! Hope you guys are doing well. Trying to plan a trip to Florida in March! Partically because we would like to meet you and Tom! Blessings, Kate


    • Debi Walter says:

      Hey Kate! I love your idea about texting song titles to each other throughout the day. Mind if I share this on our FB page? I’ll direct the credit to you, of course! And a trip in March would be wonderful. You are welcome to stay with us. We may have a wedding to attend on the 17th, and my Mom’s 90th birthday will be that same week, but other than that we’ll look forward to having time with you and Brad.
      Blessings to you,


  4. Ody Fabregas says:

    This was a lot of fun. I counted 54. As I was reading the letter and came across the songs, I kept singing them in my head. Lol!!! I can’t believe I remembered so many.

    Blessings, Ody


  5. meghann roberts says:

    I counted 54 as well! What a fun idea!


  6. Steve Roberts says:

    I’m going to say 55 even though the number of lines I recognized was less than half that.


  7. Dan says:

    Can I change mine to 54? I think I missed one the first time…


  8. We have found 55. It was alot of fun trying to find the songs


  9. Dale says:

    Wow!! Memory lane here we come!! What fun! Music has always been and continues to be a major part of our dating lives (including the past 30 years of marriage). My guess is 59.


  10. Denise says:

    Great idea, Debi! I have to stick with my hubby’s number – 59. After all, I am his Lady. (We were married in ’81!) =)


  11. Gary says:

    Have to say 55


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey this is Moggie Mackubin
    I say at least 65!


  13. Rose says:

    I counted 65 but they aren’t all love songs…thanks!



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  15. Debi,

    Well done! I wish I could do that – but my attempt would result in fits of laughter rather than warm romantic feelings.


  16. Jana says:

    I had 56 🙂


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