Bump In The Road

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Marriage is a journey, and we never know when we’re going to hit a bump in the road. This is why it is good to always listen closely and take action when necessary.

On our way home from Atlanta yesterday we hadn’t gotten very far when Tom noticed my car shimmying as he accelerated. He asked if I had noticed this before. I said no for I rarely notice anything about my car, to my chagrin.

Tom stopped for gas at the next exit and to take a look at my tires. The back right tire was about to blow! He could even feel the metal cords on the tire.

Thankfully, there was a car dealership located next door to the gas station where we were. They put on our spare tire for us and didn’t charge us a penny. They simply said, “Have a safe trip home!” 

We drove away amazed at how smooth the ride was and at the kindness of God on so many fronts:

  • this not happening while I drove to Atlanta by myself
  • this not happening while I drove my grandchildren around town
  • the tire not exploding while driving full speed on the interstate
  • finding a dealership willing and able to help us without having to look for one

In our marriage we can also face similar dangers.

When was the last time you started talking about a topic and realized it was hotter than you knew? Our natural tendency is to either ignore it all together and hope it goes away, or to drive real slow so it doesn’t get any worse. But what if we had done this with my car? The situation would have obviously grown worse, even dangerous.

Pay attention to the warning signs in your relationship. Don’t ignore them, but set aside time to talk about them as best you can. Try to discover what it is about the topic that makes it so difficult to discuss. If needed, seek counsel to get the help to change out that damaged tire.

Your spouse will thank you in the long run when you’re both back on the road driving full speed and able to enjoy the view.

What warning signs have you ignored? How has it hindered the growth in your marriage? What do you wish you had done differently?


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2 Responses to Bump In The Road

  1. Looking at that tire I am amazed how God protected you. Great analogy.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Actually, this isn’t a pic of our tire. I didn’t get one before they stored it away in the belly of my car. But Tom said our’s was close to looking like this one. Yes, God did protect us (me) in a huge way. The tire could have blown on my way up to Atlanta, or worse, when I was with Norah and Bradley running around town.


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