Going For The Gold In Your Marriage

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The 2012 Summer Olympics began last night.

The opening ceremony took us on a walk through Britain’s rich history. It was quite the show, as it should have been for the entire production took seven years of dedication and practice to master.

The games started in earnest while I was sleeping. So the first event I watched was cycling. I’m always amazed to hear the stories of how long the athletes have worked for this moment in history.

One Swiss cyclist in particular, Fabian Cancellara, was enjoying the lead position. He miscalculated a turn which caused him to fall, severely injuring his right arm and shoulder. He got up and continued, even though he was unable to put any weight on that arm for the remainder of the race. Amazing devotion! He had one goal in mind–to finish–and nothing was going to keep him from crossing that line no matter the cost.

What an example of courage obtained through years of sacrifice and devotion.

This got me thinking. What if husbands and wives were to commit their lives to their marriages in the same way? What if each morning the husband was to first of all think of how he could better his marriage that day, rather than how he could fulfill his own interests? What if the wife was to seek how to grow in encouraging her husband and supporting him wholeheartedly without regards of self? How would their marriage benefit from such a mindset?

This is exactly what it takes to go for the gold in marriage.

It is both partners laying down their lives for the good of the other. If only one person in the marriage is willing to do this, the entire marriage is thrown off balance. In order for marriage to be the best it can be it requires total commitment, total sacrifice and total love of the marriage covenant.

Photo Credit: NWI Times

Fabian may have not finished this race as he had hope–securing his second gold medal. However, it seems he has his priorities set in a way that is sure to inspire you:

“Fabian Cancellara headed to the hospital for an X-ray scan of his right shoulder.” The Swiss cyclist wept on television after the race was completed.

Cancellara, 31, is a four-time world time trial champion and Beijing gold medalist. His medal defense in the time trial is scheduled for Wednesday.

He recently surprised the cycling world when he pulled out of the Tour de France in the 11th stage for the birth of his second child, saying: “I am not only a bike rider, I am also a husband and father with another baby on the way.”

So as you and your spouse are sitting together watching the Olympics over the course of the next 16 days, let this be a reminder to consider how hard you are giving yourself to the event of your lifetime–your marriage! Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll stand before an angelic host as you hear your Heavenly Father say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

How could you lay your life down today for the good of your spouse? In what ways have been selfishly pursuing your own interests over the good of your marriage? Honestly evaluate the current condition of your marriage and plan time to talk together. 


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  1. Quite an inspirational story – well suited for application to marriage. Thanks!


  2. Thank you for this reminder that a successful marriage takes work and dedication. I missed this story and am glad you posted it. He’s an inspiration.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Great inspirational post, a good reminder to myself on they ways to maintain my marriage. We’ll be married 10yrs this September and it hasn’t been a smooth sailing journey. Thanks again!


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