13 Fall Dates To Warm Your Heart!

We love this time of year. The color, the cooler temperatures, the scents and most of all, the food. Everything is focused on warming your heart. In an effort to help make this Fall the best it can be, we’ve raked up 13 Fall Dates from which to choose.

Since we are taking the 1/2 Marathon Blog Challenge this month with the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, we thought it would be fun to post one Fall Date Idea each day of the challenge, which last for 13 days. We hope you’ll come back each day for another great idea.

Fall Date #1

Romantic Fall Dinner

How often do we throw food together without much thought or effort? Life demands we eat on the fly much of the time. Why not plan a special 3-course dinner that expresses your love for your spouse?

First, plan your menu.Β 

Choose from the following list or use recipes you know you love.




Next, Decorate Your Space.

  • Buy miniature pumpkins and carve out the center to hold a tealight candle.
  • Buy fall leaves at the Dollar Store, and write one word on the back of each describing the attributes that made you fall in love with your spouse. Scatter them on the table with the words hidden. During dessert tell them about the leaves, then enjoy watching them read your “love leaves.”
  • For an added bonus order the Living Landscape DVD of New England in the Fall. You could have this playing during dinner, or sit down to watch it together with after-dinner coffee.

This is sure to help you “Fall” in love all over again with each other and with the tastes of the season.

What recipes do you enjoy in the Fall?

As a recap, here are the links to each of the 13 fall dates:

Date #2 – Pumpkin Carving Contest

Date #3 – Take A Walk

Date #4 – Backyard Campfire

Date #5 – Sweet and Savory Fondues For Two

Date #6 – Fall Foliage Puzzle

Date #7 – Star Gazing

Date #8 – Bobbing For Apples

Date #9 – Photographs and Memories of Falling In Love

Date #10 – Kettle, Settle and Cuddle

Date #11 – Take A Drive On A Birding Trail

Date #12 – Moon Dance

Date #13 – 12 Round Sex Match (ding ding) πŸ™‚


This is post #1 in the CMBA 1/2 Marathon Blogging Challenge to post everyday for 13 days in October.

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22 Responses to 13 Fall Dates To Warm Your Heart!

  1. T Bittner says:

    I’m always looking for creative date ideas. What a great way to get the fall started!


  2. With the impending chilly weather, some mediterranean stew and snuggling with my honey sounds great!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Sherry, Tom and I are actually away for the month to watch the leaves change their colors slowly. I’m a Florida girl, so this is a first for me. We went from 85+ degrees at home to barely 60 degree weather. Loving the fall season. Mediterranean stew sounds wonderful–do you share the recipe?


  3. Fall is my husband’s favorite season and we chose to have our wedding in the fall for that reason. He would love to do this!


  4. Jolene Engle says:

    Fall is my favorite season! These are some excellent ideas, Debi!


  5. Debi – You have such a gift for brilliant date ideas. May I suggest it be the topic of your NEXT book?!


  6. leadershipcouples says:

    Great date, Debi! Love the “love leaves” idea… I can imagine adding to and keeping them from year to year. If you describe how you’re thankful for your spouse, you’ll see the changes in the relationship as the years go by!


  7. Thanks for the great ideas. One really caught my eye – Decorate your Spouse. Yes, that’s how I read it at first and I must admit I thought you were branching out from your normal encouragements! (Decorating your space is also a good idea.)


  8. Adam's Eve says:

    My husband and my favorite’s are pumpkin pie, roasted turkey tenderloin with cranberries and pears, and family favorite, my homemade apple cider. I love the fall leaves love notes idea. Will definitely have to use it!


  9. Great tips. Fall is also our favorite time of year and here in the mountains we have some fun places to go for date days. We will be reading the rest of your tips and adding some new ideas to what we like to do. Thanks.


  10. My! My, my, my, my!!! Those recipes are delectable and sure to melt my husband’s heart:-) Thanks for such a lovely idea. It’s uncomplicated and it includes something I can do to personally let him know what I love about him. Refreshing!:-))


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