On Thoughtfulness

Photo Credit: thoughtfulcaregiver.com

Photo Credit: thoughtfulcaregiver.com

Thoughtfulness is always appreciated. Especially if the act is something the receiver really needs or wants. A spouse has the unique opportunity to be thoughtful in ways other people simply can’t because they aren’t close enough to see the need.

When was the last time you did something thoughtful for your spouse?

Go ahead. Think about it. And when you remember, won’t you share it with us? Maybe your thoughtfulness will inspire others who are having trouble thinking of something to do.

Today we discovered both our son and son-in-love did something very thoughtful for their brides; they gave them the afternoon off to go to the mall for some much needed time without the children. The amazing thing? Our son lives here and our son-in-love lives in Atlanta. They both did this today without knowing the other was doing the same. It blessed me to no end knowing our kids are learning to love and serve in the way they’ve seen their dad[in-love] do.

Thoughtfulness begets thoughtfulness,

and Tom excels in being thoughtful. And most often when I don’t deserve it. Anyone can be thoughtful to someone who is being thoughtful back, but our Savior gave us an example which raises the bar considerably. He gave thought for us before we ever thought about Him. In fact we were running the other way when He graciously chose us to be His own.

What thoughtful thing can you do for your spouse today? This week? Now make plans to do it. 

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9 Responses to On Thoughtfulness

  1. Heather says:

    While I am not married, I had the opportunity to encourage a friend today. He is unemployed and in danger of losing his house. His also trying to sell his house in order to help; but today and the next two days he has three job interviews – praise God. None of them are jobs he would consider dream jobs, but he is open and grateful for the opportunities. So I sent him a text message at the time I thought he’d be getting ready to leave for the interview. I reminded him the God had it all covered and that all he needed to do was relax and answer to the best of his ability. I told him I would pray during the interview time and asked him to call me when it was done to let me know how it went.


  2. Carol says:

    Mindfulness and generosity are two of my words for this year. What a great place to start!
    My husband is trying to get all of his books cataloged. I noticed two of them here by the computer, so I did a search to find the right number for one. (The other was already done.) At least it is one book he doesn’t have to do.


  3. Michele ºÜº says:

    I gave my husband 12 Days of Christmas. 😉 The day after Christmas I left him a love letter, then each day after I had something little for him. Some days it was just chewing gum and other days it was a little something like a tire gauge. Mostly I spent only $1 a day but a few days I spent a couple of dollars and a couple of days I spend around $10. On the last day, Jan. 6th, I gave him a shirt that was normally $30 but I got it on clearance for only $3 with a note telling him that I hope he knew how much I love him. I know it meant a lot to him because he told the ladies at the chiropractor’s office what I’d done. 🙂

    It’s never too late for a good idea. You can do 12 days of love for your love for Valentine’s day, or 12 days of his birthday, or 12 days of your anniversary, or make a note to do the 12 days of Christmas this year. 😉


  4. Chris says:

    My children and I did 40 days of birthday giving a gift each day leading up to my husband’s 40th birthday. It was a fun way to give him little things he needed or wanted without breaking the bank. Some were from the kids and some were meant just for couples. My least favorite was that I repainted the pee
    ling garage doors. That counted for two- one each day. We all had a blast.


  5. I’ve been trying not to let my husband get lost in the activity. During our crazy Christmas season I encouraged him to go and play golf and really wanted him to go. He needed it. Also the little things, like getting the baby’s crib out of his office as soon as I can and doing laundry late at night so he doesn’t run short of his favorite clothes. I don’t even know if he notices, but it’s fine if he doesn’t because it helps me to appreciate what a great guy I’m married to.


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