Today we want to share with you an excellent post from a dear friends about the dangers of judging others self-righteously because they’re different. We can do this in our marriages as well. Read and see if Stanley doesn’t teach us all a valuable lesson.

Faith Rising

When I was young the playgrounds in my town all had those small Merry-Go-Rounds. We especially enjoyed it when one of the dads used his muscles to leave us holding on for dear life. Well…except Stanley.

He always insisted on stopping everything so he could get off. Eye rolling friends sighed, slowed everything down and let him off. But most of us absolutely loved the tummy tickle that built as we spun faster and faster.

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning away from you? Like Stanley, does life get to a certain pace and then yell to stop it and get off?

I felt that way recently. Between getting one house ready to sell and looking for another; having Benny’s mom with us for a couple of weeks as we discussed and experienced the real-life changes her moving to Florida with us will require; helping out with…

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