Civic Duty or Delight?

I have always been fascinated with our judicial system…always wanted to be chosen for jury duty (happened only 2 times in 35 years!)…always wanted to be selected to serve on a case…but not today!


1. It’s Valentine’s Day
2. My daughter is due in from Atlanta by lunch.
3. My house isn’t ready for a crawling 8 month old.
4. We’re hosting a BD brunch for my mom-in-love on Saturday.

So, I’m thinking today may just be the day I am chosen, but my heart isn’t in it this time. Maybe that’s why they call it duty and not delight!

Glad I brought my kindle. What unexpected thing are you having to do today?


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4 Responses to Civic Duty or Delight?

  1. May your day be less boring than it sounds.


  2. caroness1 says:

    Enjoy lunch with your daughter!


  3. Hopefully there will be something about you that results in a quick dismissal. 🙂 If they really knew you, of course, that would never happen! 🙂


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