4 Myths Of At-Home Themed Date Nights – Part 3


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Now for our next myth!

Photo Credit: pinkparis1233

Photo Credit: pinkparis1233

Myth #3 – Themed at-home dates are time consuming.

Yes, they CAN be if you’re doing your own theme. But this is one of the reasons we’re here–to give you the ideas and the links to make great at-home themed dates easy. What I try to do when planning a theme is to choose something that is current and readily available.

For example – you could plan a New Year’s themed date right after the New Year when everything is on sale. It could be a night where all you do is drink your favorite sparkling beverage and make your romantic goals for the year:

  • What places would you like to visit?
  • What restaurants would you like to try?
  • What movies would you like to see?
  • What people would you like to pursue in friendship?

Make a list of all your dreams and when the year is over you can have another date to see what you actually accomplished on the list.

The goal of a themed date isn’t the theme, but to have meaningful and fun time together.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out the many themes we have listed under our Date Night Ideas in the right-sidebar. There are lots to choose from, including our Alphabet Dates where you date your way through the letters of the alphabet. 

What is one of your favorite themed dates since you’ve been married? Was it time-consuming or was it easier than you expected?

Myths in review:

  1. Themed dates at home are hokey.
  2. Themed dates at home are expensive.
  3. Themed dates at home are time-consuming.
  4. Our final post tomorrow.

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7 Responses to 4 Myths Of At-Home Themed Date Nights – Part 3

  1. Congratulations on being named among the top 12 blogs! Nothing like being part of an even dozen!


  2. Congrats on being a top 12 blog!! Regarding the themed dates, I just realized I don’t think we’ve done any (unless you count two hungry people at a restaurant on a Friday night a theme :)).


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  4. Adam's Eve says:

    Congrats on your being in the top 12 marriage blogs! I really do love your blogs. You’re inspiring!

    I think my favorite themed date night was definitely our Star Trek themed date night. It was way easier than I expected – and we had fun eating all the themed food I made (and our grocery list wasn’t much different than usual and only required a little creativity and some fun name cards), and watching one of our favorite movies. It did require some time planning, but it was so worth it.

    Unfortunately, I planned a romantic getaway recently and that didn’t work out very well since I got really really sick. But I can say it was still worth trying and will definitely have to try it again (when I’m hopefully not so sick).


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