Ever Had Mustgoes?

Image Credit: starbulletin.com

Image Credit: starbulletin.com

Sure you have! It’s the food leftover in your refrigerator that “must go,” before it goes bad.

Well, marriages have mustgoes too. They are the things we allow too long in the fridge of our marriage, and they can go bad really fast. How can you tell if you have mustgoes? Simple, your marriage starts to stink.

From: Root Downward/Fruit Upward blog

From: Root Downward/Fruit Upward blog

Think about the following list and ask yourself if you’ve stuffed some of these things way back in the back of your relationship. If you have, it’s time to clean the mustgoes out! In fact, I think tomorrow is garbage day–perfect timing.

Marriage Mustgoes:

  • Complaining to others about your spouse’s lack in any area.
  • Harboring bitterness and resentment towards your spouse.
  • Thinking disrespectful thoughts you would never want them to hear.
  • Ignoring requests.
  • Denying sex for punishment.
  • Lying to your spouse to avoid conflict.
  • Abusive treatment of any kind: physical, verbal or emotional.
  • Flirting with a member of the opposite sex. (Social media included)
  • Idolizing your spouse above the Lord. He must have first place in your heart.
  • Permitting ill thoughts about your spouse to linger.

We could go on, but you get the idea. See how bad a marriage like this would smell? It seems so obvious when you read the list in black and white. But things turn a bit gray when we’re examining our own heart. This is why God instructs us to deal with the log in our own eye before going after the speck in our spouse’s. No one knows you better than your spouse, at least this is how it should be. And the same can be said of you towards them. Go after the mustgoes in your relationship, otherwise your marriage may end up on the curb.

What things in your marriage are mustgoes? Are you willing to do the hard work and clean out the mess? There’s no time like the present to do what needs to be done.

Click the little picture above for more bullets to help you examine your marriage.

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15 Responses to Ever Had Mustgoes?

  1. Loved the list.
    Too many treasure these mustgoes, thinking they need to be stored in the fridge for use another day.


  2. carolinaheartstrings says:

    Good list. Leftovers that we really don’t need.


  3. Lee Wise says:

    Brief. Informative. A good list of “must gos”… and I like the analogy 🙂
    Have a super day!


  4. Chef William says:

    Very interesting list. At to set aside time to get rid of the must gos it any easy analogy to understand


  5. I like it! Looking for something fresh in my marriage.


  6. Excellent list – it gives me a lot to think about. Thank you!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Thanks for your honesty in commenting, Thomas. Don’t we all have work to do in this regard? What’s fresh one day can quickly start to stink if we’re not watching and “sniffing” as it were.


  7. Adam's Eve says:

    Withholding any type of affection as punishment (especially sex) is a Mustgo! Being disrespectful with your tone of voice and actions. Going behind your husband’s back and defying a decision he’s made. Sadly, I did all three of the above and more when I was first married. Thank God for the work He’s done and is still doing in my heart.


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