What Weddings Can Help Us See


Today we have the privilege of witnessing the vows of our life-long friends’ daughter. It is a day to celebrate, because on this day her parents will receive the reward from their years of investment in her life. As he walks down the aisle with her by his side it will be the end of a season for him and his wife. And as she takes the hand of her husband-to-be, it will be the beginning of a new season for her.

Time continually moves us forward, but it isn’t without purpose. God is the One who orchestrates the seasons of our lives. He desires us to willingly let go of one season to take the hand of a new season–a new way of life without regret. Imagine how awkward it would be if a bride was hesitant to let go of the arm of her Dad. The husband would think it strange and might even refuse to marry her. We’re certain both the bride and groom today are excited, but nervous about the future. This is normal. All new seasons make us realize our dependence on God to lead us.

Where are you today on the timeline of God’s plan for you, for your marriage?

Are you enjoying a season you’ve anticipated for years? If you are, enjoy it to the fullest!  But realize there is a caution; don’t hold it tightly. Cling only to Christ and hold loosely all the gifts He so graciously gives. If you aren’t in a season you’re enjoying, God wants this time to cause your heart to run to Him for comfort, direction, hope and help.

We are currently reading through Deuteronomy and hearing the law recited over and over by Moses to the Israelites who constantly forgot what God had said. The theme is repeated that God is a jealous God, but He is also good. He desires nothing more than for us to trust Him in the wilderness–we know this. But we must also continue trusting Him in the good times.

When the season changes for which we’ve enjoyed maybe for years, we must walk willingly into the future knowing God has hidden joy for us to discover. To find it we must trust and ask. God is faithful and will do it.

Can you say along with the Bride and Groom–I do?

  • I do trust You God.
  • I do know that You are good.
  • I do know that You hold every detail of my life in the palm of Your hand.
  • I do love You with all my heart, soul and strength.
  • I do ask that You will help me in my weakness.
  • I do embrace the season you have chosen for me with faith for an unknown future.

Weddings are a great time to check your devotion to Christ. Are you letting go of the past to trust God for the future? Are you united with your spouse having faith for the future? Is your past causing you to constantly look back and resist the plan God has marked out for you? 


This is post #6 in the challenge to post everyday in April.



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8 Responses to What Weddings Can Help Us See

  1. For me, divorce was a bigger time for me to trust in the Lord for direction.


    • Debi Walter says:

      LauraBeth, I’m sure it was. We pray you are sensing His leading still.


      • I’m hoping this gets to the person that asked if I am still sending His leading. For a while, almost 2 years, I lived in shelters and lived “like the world” and it was the LONELIEST time in my life! SInce then, as of Sept 2012, I remarried and my husband came to the Lord, I am one of the worship leaders at church and yes, I am back in the center of His plan! Praise be to the God whose mercy is NEW every morning and is beyond faithful!


      • Debi Walter says:

        It was me, Debi, who commented back to you! I’m so glad you shared the end of your story. Whenever I hear of marriages that have ended in divorce my heart breaks for the pain and loss they’ve experienced. It thrills my heart to hear how God has brought you to this new place of rejoicing and gratefulness. Yes, His mercy IS new every morning! Thank you for commenting!


      • ya know, that pain and loss is something many people think “that just happens to them” but when it hits you, you think you will coast through it, yet one day you realize “oh my! what am I doin? Where ARE you, Lord?” I’m just thankful I woke up and, like the prodigal, came back willing to work in the servants role if need be……..but, like the prodigal, He not only accepted me back with open arms but threw a party for me and has been ever since! From a time of throwing my body at every guy that came by just to feel loved by someone, feeling like the lowest worm on the earth, living among truly heathen and lost people, seeing very little hope…to now having a ministry/outreach, a BA in Psychology, soon to have a MA in Psychology, playing keyboard on my church worship team, re-married to a wonderful man and having most of my children’s love restored to me again…and get this, even on civil terms with my former husband! Now THAT is OUR GOD!


      • Debi Walter says:

        Wow!! What a testimony. I’m rejoicing for you and the great things God has done. You’ve made my day!!


      • Thank you, Debbie! Church was very anointed and blessed this morning so I guess my comments are just an overflow of thanksgiving for it all 🙂


      • Debi Walter says:

        Oh I understand that! We had a similar experience in our service today. Loved chatting with you! 😊


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