I Don’t Need Hot Sauce Running Into My Eyes

Welcome our son, Jason, if you didn’t already know it was him by the title! 🙂


I wonder what the world would be like if humans had their mouths connected directly to their brains—right in the center of the forehead. Every word that comes out of your mouth would have to first pass through your brain. No more speaking without thinking.

Sure, this evolutionary shift would have some unfortunate consequences:

  • Football helmets would need to be redesigned.
  • Telephones would have to be held upside down.
  • And eating messier foods could be problematic with your eyes underneath.

But imagine the benefits of this new mouth design. You could go a little further underwater while still breathing. Men would have more space for beards. And with everyone thinking before they speak, say goodbye to reality television.

Even without this new mouth, we all still have the ability to evaluate our words before we say (or write) them. Unfortunately for me, ability doesn’t always translate into action. I still say things to my wife that come across to her as selfish or rude, and she’s usually right. But I’ve also found that the more I ask God to help me discern my motives before I speak or write, the easier it becomes.

You know that Scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul? I think that can also apply during a disagreement. Sure, I might be able to win an argument with my wife, but what’s the point if we’re both living in separate areas of our house at the end? If love means desiring the ultimate good for my spouse, than what’s really more important? I must humble myself, repent of my selfishness and trust God to help me love her the way He wants me to.

I’ve found that quickly evaluating my motives before I say anything can serve my wife and save me a lot of unintended consequences and clean-up time afterward. So maybe the mouth redesign isn’t a good idea after all. I don’t need hot sauce running into my eyes.

How have you learned to love your spouse more by thinking before you speak? 


This is post #111 in the challenge to post everyday in April.


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4 Responses to I Don’t Need Hot Sauce Running Into My Eyes

  1. Iva says:

    I did a little explaining to my 12 yr old son when he had a friend over, about being a friend. Last time this friend came over, there was a little altercation while they played chess, my son being a stickler for his position. I reminded him that as host (not to mention a friend) it is his place to give the benefit of the doubt in such situations (not moral issues, though). I was just trying to teach him to save a friendship, but I thought even as I explained things to him that this was good training for his future relationship with his wife. You can be right…or you can still have a friend. Happy the wife who marries a husband who cherishes her enough to not always feel the need to require her submission to his “rightness” or to always have to win. (And of course, vice-versa about the wife to her husband, but I speak of training my son to be the husband.)


    • Debi Walter says:

      What a great way to use this conflict as a way to prepare him for marriage. I have a feeling your future daughter-in-law will sing your praises one day. Such a good life lesson – and over a simple game of chess!


  2. Jim Van Handel says:

    I have enjoyed reading your site starting with this hot sauce post and look forward to more.
    Jim VH


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