Caption It

How would you caption the following photo?

sea gulls

Today we have a post featured on the Engaged Marriage blog. We encourage you to click over and read our challenge for the end of summer. It’s sure to help you and your spouse in the romance department. 🙂

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14 Responses to Caption It

  1. Bird with wings up: “Oh I BELIEVE I can fly! I believe I can…”

    Bird at far end of the crowd: “Give it a rest, Herbert! That’s the 14th time this week, and you STILL haven’t gotten off the ground!”

    Haha! I love these!


  2. Janelle T. says:

    It’s fun to stay at the Y…


  3. Oh gee…will you put those down…nobody wants to see that…


  4. “Come on everybody, let’s ZUMBA!”


  5. Mike and Moggie says:

    “Tower says cleared for take off”


  6. justme says:

    Oh look, George can still get it up!

    (i just read your “when does sex end post”!)


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