A Pocket-Sized Tip To Remember

IMG_0060I have a friend. She’s a life-long mentor to me, really, and she does it without trying. We’ve only met together a few times over the years, but when we have it has always been an encouragement. She has a way of saying simple phrases that stick. And these little pocket-sized thoughts always point my mind and heart towards God.

For example, she recently joined FaceBook, and I couldn’t be happier. She will post comments few and far between, but when she does, I listen! And I know I’m not alone. She has an entire population of women who have gleaned a harvest table full of thoughts to chew on.

Ok, enough of the teasing introduction. Do you want a pocket-sized tip to carry with you today? It applies to all wives who are tempted to try and change her husband…

Pocket-sized tip

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  1. Osayi says:

    The funny thing is that it’s often so easy to make him happy…
    we just have to put in the effort.

    Thanks for the reminder


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