When The Rain Comes

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There are times when a song says exactly what you can’t seem to find the words to say. And when you hear it, it tugs at your heart and becomes a favorite.

That’s what this song, When The Rain Comes by Third Day, has done for me.

Our life has been full of ups and downs, like an emotional roller coaster. But what we’re facing isn’t hard compared to the trials many of our friends are going through. Face it, life isn’t easy. When the rain comes in its many forms, we are often tempted to want to be alone to deal with it. But as a married man or woman, God has given us a better way. He has given us a partner in this life to hold us close when the storms come.

I am grateful for a husband who knows how to care for me when I’m facing a storm. He knows God will ultimately carry me through the trouble, but Tom is right there with arms open wide to hold me until it passes.

What storms are you or your spouse facing today? Maybe the best you can do is to assure them of your commitment to stay by their side until is passes.

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3 Responses to When The Rain Comes

  1. Beautiful, Debi. And so appropriate for us, also, right now. We keep telling each other that “this” is just another part of the story God is writing with our lives… It’s not easy but it is interesting! And such a blessing to be able to share with our spouse.

    Thanks for sharing, Debi. We think of you often.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Hey Lori,
      I’m glad we were able to encourage the encouragers! 🙂 We think of y’all often too. I’ll have to turn those thoughts into prayers as you go through this storm. Tell Robert hi!


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