The Grieving Continues…


Heavenly Father,

Our hearts are broken. We ask that you comfort the families of those facing the worst of news this week–the loss of a loved one forever. We ask that you help our local law enforcement officers as well as the medical staff at area hospitals to do their job to the best of their ability. Help them endure the investigation with their full capacity. Thank you for the way they have devoted their lives to be prepared in situations like these.

We pray for Christina Grimmies’ family who today, is having to let go of their hopes and dreams for their 22-year-old daughter. We pray for her brother who did all he could possibly do to protect his sister, yet to no avail. Thank you for using him and his bravery to save the lives of countless other victims who witnessed this horrific crime. We pray for help and for peace.

We also pray for the families of the 49 victims gunned down in the Pulse nightclub massacre. The names and faces will forever be etched in our hearts and minds. Such young potential for life lost forever. We ask that You help those who are still living to deal with the reality that they survived but their friends didn’t. Protect them from unnecessary guilt in that regard. We also pray for the medical teams who are still on duty trying to help the critically injured survive. Bring healing to their wounds, we ask.

We pray as well today for the Nebraska family of the little 2-year old boy who was snatched by a 7-8 ft. alligator at Walt Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort last night. Help our over-extended law enforcement agencies give them their full attention. Help them find this gator so it can be killed and prevented from stalking other humans. Such a horrible experience for this young family who was on vacation in our city.

God help us, comfort us, heal us, and draw our hearts to You, our only hope in such difficult times. 

In Jesus’ Precious Name,


About Debi Walter

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  1. In agreement with you, Tom & Debi. Amen.


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