Thirsty For Romance – Compared to the Cubs Thirst For The World Series Championship


The Chicago Cubs managed to do the impossible last night, winning the World Series for the first time since 1908! Congratulations! They did what no other team could do in over a century. Quite the accomplishment.

We love seeing a good ball game, don’t we? Cheering for the underdog seems like the right thing to do–And when they pull it off and win it’s outstanding!

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune Gallery

This is why we love to encourage marriages to win. It doesn’t matter what your past record is. Today is a new day with fresh mercy and grace to do what may seem impossible.

Javier Baez made huge mistakes in this game of a lifetime, but he didn’t quit! He knew the team was counting on him to do his part. And did he ever!

“We planned to be here, to be in this moment,” he said while cradling a bottle of unopened champagne as another was poured over his head. “We stayed together as a team for a reason. When we were down 3-1, we talked to each other, we picked each other up. We did the little things to get back on track and we finally win it.”

Maybe romancing your spouse seems like an impossible change in your marriage. Change may not be easy or comfortable, it may even seem you are fighting a losing battle, but look at the great advice Javier shared with the reporters after beating all the odds and winning last night. Consider if you are willing to do the same for your marriage.

  1. We stayed together as a team
  2. When we were down we talked to each other
  3. We picked each other up
  4. We did the little things to get back on track
  5. We won!

Romance is the skill of communicating your commitment to, love for and enjoyment of your spouse in ways that convince him or her of the priority of your marriage.

Romantic Tip for this week is to communicate your desire to be intentional in sharing little expressions of love each day to your spouse–then do it!

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