Thirsty For Romance


I don’t know about you, but this past month has been quite difficult for us. And the election was only a small part of it. We’ve dealt with health issues–our own and those of people we love. We’ve had a busy schedule that has separated us from doing the things we love together. And we’ve discovered some of our friends are hurting and we had no clue.

Life is hard. Isn’t it selfish to think about romancing your spouse, to plan something special for just the two of you to enjoy when others are hurting? No! It’s because life is hard that we must do this–we need it!

Romance softens the blows we experience from life in a fallen world.

It strengthens the ties that bind us together as one. It helps us keep our head above the waves of adversity. And it encourages your spouse to face the difficulty rather than succumb to it.

Romantic Tip for this week is to find a way to make your spouse laugh. There are lots of funny clips from movies available on You Tube that you can copy the link and text it to your spouse. Or find a good movie you haven’t watched in a long time and enjoy it together.

This is one of my favorite funny scenes of all time:

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