Happy Hour


It’s our favorite part of the week when we share with you the blog posts of others worth sharing. Take some time this weekend to read them. Your marriage will thank you.

Gospel Connections

  • 3 Little Foxes – A dear friend of ours, who is also a pastor, wrote this post on his excellent blog. Glad to share it with you.

Hot, Holy and Humorous

The Forgiven Wife

  • The Lie That Hurt My Marriage The Most – This post touches on an issue many don’t even recognize, and if they do, they hide it. Please, for the sake of your marriage read this post! Be sure and read to the end–some of the best advice is found there.

The Generous Husband

The Generous Wife

  • Don’t Miss Out – Are you missing out in this way?  A needed reminder for all of us!

To Love, Honor and Vacuum


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