Vintage Post – “O” Date Night Ideas

Alphabet Dates are a great way to add creativity to your date nights. Try these based around the letter “O”.

Originally posted on September 23, 2009

“O” Activities:

Opera – if you’re a fan, why not plan a night out at a local theater.  We love Phantom of the Opera, and if you click the link…you’re in for a treat.  (Be sure to turn up your sound!)

Ocean – plan a day at the ocean, if you’re a local visit Ormond Beach.

Outdoor – plan something you both enjoy doing outside!

Oldies – enjoy an evening listening to your favorite oldies music.  This can be whatever genres you enjoyed years ago – our favorite is rock n roll from the 60’s.

“O” Food:

Oriental – Plan a themed dinner at home sitting on the floor with lots of pillows and chopsticks.  Fold napkins in Origami style.

Steak Oscar – make this romantic meal at home…you can substiture Chicken to save money.

Oreos with the fun game Othello. An inexpensive, yet sweet date night at home!

Go OUT for dinner to Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse! Or you can try cooking some of their recipes yourself in your own OVEN and surprise your spouse!

Donuts – what a perfect excuse to enjoy these tasty “O’s”.  

“O” Special Touches:

Write an “Ode” to your spouse using words which hold special meanings.  Don’t know how?  

Plan an Evening at the  Oscars – get dressed up and eat appetizers and specialty drinks while you watch a favorite movie.  You can even plan to honor your spouse with an award of your own!

Flowers that begin with “O” – the orchid, orange blossoms, oleander.  Can’t afford the real thing – check out Bath and Body Works for some special fragrant soaps as a surprise.

Oreo Fortune cookies – make your own secret messages, slip them inside each cookie, and give the whole bag to your spouse to discover.  Make sure the first one introduces your “O” date night that evening.

To see the rest of our Alphabet Dates from A-Z – click here.

(Hint: The secret letter for today is as plain as the Olfactory nose on your face. No bold highlights necessary.)

This is our 27th post in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in April.

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4 Responses to Vintage Post – “O” Date Night Ideas

  1. Jeanine Byers says:

    Every one of those is a great idea!! And there goes my second thought about what the word might be, LOL. I’ll keep guessing.


  2. Well, ‘oragnutan’ does start with ‘o’, and this is the best I can do with it!

    When she first brought me home to say hi,
    her folks were aghast at the plan.
    Instead of a regular guy,
    they got a talking orangutan.
    Instead of a Honda Accord,
    on days when not on the bus,
    I drove a big, smoky ol’ Ford;
    “Dear, he’s too redneck for us!”
    But thye grew to love my charms,
    even though I smelled faintly of oil
    for my knuckles on my long arms
    would easily plow their soil.
    The magic survives to this day,
    and they’ve both joined the NRA.

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