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Print of Napa Valley Wine Train

Welcome to our preferred blogroll of other excellent sites and blogs we have found to be helpful.  Similar to a Wine Train – we’ll travel around the world to discover the rich harvest God is producing in other marriage vineyards!  It’s our way of sharing the love. We have three sections we’ll be adding to from time to time: Marriage Blogs, Friend’s Blogs, Great Blogs We Enjoy.

I.  Marriage Blogs

The Generous Husband – Paul has been blogging before most of us knew what a blog was.  We think of him as the wise patriarch encouraging husbands in their faith and roles.

The Generous Wife – Paul’s wife, Lori, provides daily tips on how to make your husband your first priority, next to the Lord.  Always encouraging generosity!

The Marriage Bed – a site run by Paul and Lori Byerly which is devoted to all things surrounding physical intimacy – the joys, challenges, difficulties, etc. Their advice is Biblical, candid and safe.

One Flesh Marriage – Brad and Kate Aldrich have an excellent blog we have really enjoyed.  High School sweethearts – they have much to share, “Our goal is to give encouragement and tools so that you too can nurture your journey to a Biblical “one flesh”, Ephesians 5 marriage!”  Check them out!

Heaven Made Marriage – Scott and his wife offer a biblical viewpoint of what marriage is to be.  Appropriately named – marriage is a journey of daily surrender to God.

Marriage Missions International – Revealing the heart of Christ within marriage.  There is so much here worth checking out. Steve and Cindy Wright have become dear friends to us, and we met through marriage blogging. There site is rich with wisdom for every area of marriage.

Encourage Your Spouse – This blog is for husbands & wives leading meaningful lives – encouraging each other and making a difference in the world around them.

Hot, Holy & Humorous – “J,” as she calls herself, is a Christian, a wife, a mom, a writer, and a work in progress. What I write about in this blog is the kind of stuff I would talk to my closest girlfriend about in confidence, but plenty of us don’t have someone who’ll chat biblically and bluntly with them. Read my posts to see how sex in a Christian marriage can be HOT, HOLY & HUMOROUS!

To Love, Honor and Vacuum – Real marriage–No Pretensions, is the by-line of Sheila Gregoire’s excellent blog. She has a new book just released by Zondervan titled, The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex. 

Intimacy In Marriage – Julie says, “I know that many married couples are hungry for someone to speak authentically into their journey.  I don’t have all the answers.  I do, though, have a lot of heart committed to offering hope so that others feel less alone in their journey.”

Happy Wives Club – a fast-growing, lovely blog for all wives who celebrate the fact that they are married AND happy. Fawn does an excellent job engaging her readers. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well. She has a goal to reach a million happy wives to make a statement that marriage is alive and well in the world.

Family Life Today – Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.  A rich resource full of helpful information.

The Engaged Marriage – Don’t just stay married, stay engaged.  Dustin is the creator and provides lots of ideas and encouragement.

The Dating Divas – A group of twelve women who happen to be friends and wives of husbands they love to romance, one creative date at a time.  Need ideas? This is a great resource!

The Forgiven Wife – The mission of The Forgiven Wife is to encourage Christian wives as they work to grow in their approach to sexual intimacy in their marriages. After 20 years of restricting the sex life in my marriage, I have learned to dance with desire and enjoy the full intimacy that comes with passionate and joyful sex with my husband.


II.  Friend’s Blogs

We also enjoy several blogs written by our friends. They aren’t marriage blogs, but they all have marriages worth emulating, and it’s reflected in their writing.

Life On The Lighter Side (viewed with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of sarcasm) – Bonnie Anderson is not only a dear friend, but she has a great sense of humor AND timing. Timing is the crucial element in humor, as we all know. Enjoy!

Faith Rising – Sheree Phillips is another dear friend who loves the Lord, her husband and her large family. She and her husband recently planted a new church in Lake Nona, FL., and her blog reflects a vibrant trust in God who is leading their every step. Not only does she have infectious faith, she is an excellent writer. You will be inspired reading what she has to say.

Swanstuff – Rob Swanson is a writer who has inspired me with my writing for years. He writes well and thinks long about issues about which you may not have heard. One thing is certain, he will make you think. He is a good exercise for the brain.

Not That Big A Deal – Roxanne Chin is a dear friend who sees life realistically and humorously. We have been encouraging her for years to share her gift of writing and humor with the blogosphere. Grateful the day has arrived! She posts every Friday–Sign up so you don’t miss a single post.


III.  Great Blogs We Enjoy

Finally, we offer blogs which we enjoy, but aren’t necessarily about marriage. They are just good.

Debi Gray Walter, Author – I have an author blog that covers all things family history, Oklahoma, Will Rogers humor and more. I would be honored if you would check it out.

Welcome To St. Augustine – a great resource if you’re planning to visit this historic city OR if you happen to live nearby. Enjoy!

FoodBrag Blog – This is our daughter’s Foodie blog where she shares her recipes with us as she invents them. It has also become a great place for all of us in the family as well as her friends to store our best recipes.

4 Responses to Wine Train (Blogroll)

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  3. What a great list of blogs for strengthening marriage! We would love to be included?


  4. elfurymcs says:


    I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have been linking to your blog for about a year now on our sidebar! If you have the inclination, please check out our site and consider linking back to us 🙂

    – El Fury and Sexy Corte


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