“If You Could See What I See”

This is the title of our monthly winner’s favorite love song, and it got us thinking about perspective.  We all have a unique perspective when it comes to life, love and happiness. Here is a video of this beautiful song set to pictures from a wedding we found on You Tube.  Please take a moment to enjoy it, and remember the perspective you had on your own wedding day.

Perspective is how we see it from where God has us at this time.  Most of us on our wedding day had an amazing perspective towards our spouse.  We were full of faith and hope for the future – life was good.  Add a few years and our perspective grows because there is more information to inform the mind and heart of what it sees and what it hopes for.  It can become increasingly positive or more negative.

Although we may not realize it in the moment, we have a choice to make.  Based on our perspective we can pray and ask God to help us do the part we’ve been called to fulfill.

  • It may be caring for a sick spouse.
  • It may be standing in the gap and praying for our spouse in their weakness.
  • It may be helping them do something difficult they didn’t know they could do.
  • It may be sharing an observation your spouse isn’t noticing, in order to help them make wiser choices.

The point is to consider not only your perspective, but theirs as well.  This is what brings a healthy balance to marriage.

Photo from A Day In The Life blog

Two oxen yoked together each have their own perspective on the road ahead; one sees the right side of the road more clearly – the other the left.  Both are correct.  As long as they are pulling together in the same direction both perspectives will help them get to where they’re going more efficiently. Imagine if they each wanted to go only in the direction they could see the clearest?  Forward progress would quickly digress into a game of tug of war.  Only in this game no one would win! However, Christ leads us to victory in this life.  As our marriages are yoked together with each other and with Christ we are certain to win, no matter through what circumstances to road leads us.  For He has promised to finish the work He’s begun in us, including our marriage.

Which brings us back to the point of this post!  We have a winner in our monthly contest, 🙂 and we are excited to announce her name:

Susan Wilcox

Wife to Dan for 14 years and mother of six happy, healthy children!

Congratulations, Susan!

Here’s what she said:

Our song is, “If You Could See,” by Geoff Moore & the Distance. Dan sang it along with GM&tD at Night of Joy years ago, whispering the words in my ear. ♥ Probably a little premature for our first date :-), but it stuck! And it’s been “our song” ever since! ♥

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4 Responses to “If You Could See What I See”

  1. Marianne Grigg says:

    I’ve known Susan all her life, so happy to see good things happen to GOOD people.
    Congratulations Susan & Dan for a life long Love Story. They do make beautiful children ~ up to six now! “Great” Aunt Marianne


  2. Susan Wilcox says:

    Thank you guys, very, VERY much!!!


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