The Rhythm Of Routine

I am up early this morning; my favorite part of the day. The house is quiet. A candle flickers on the table. My Bible is in hand. It’s my time with the One who knows me best and loves me most.

I love looking for the one verse that stands out to me and then meditate on it allowing the Spirit to encourage my soul. And I love the fairly new routine I have of texting that verse to each of my grown kids to encourage them in their busy routines.

Routines reveal what is important to us. They keep us grounded when the world seems chaotic. They are good for us in that they help us remember why we do what we do.

  • Making the bed daily reveals that order is important to you.
  • Spending regular time alone studying God’s Word reveals a desire to know Him and all that He has disclosed to us.
  • Being involved in a local church reveals a priority of growing in your walk with Christ and other believers.
  • Having regular date nights reveals the priority you place on your relationship with your spouse.
  • Making love regularly with your spouse reveals the importance intimacy has in your heart.

Have you considered the routines you have? Have you considered why? How do you feel when your routines are disrupted? 

All of these questions help us get a better grasp on who we are and where we are heading. It’s important to note that not all routines are good ones.

  • Spending too much time connecting with people on social media can be a detriment to real, face-to-face time with friends and family.
  • Making it a routine to sleep late can be a detriment to your responsibilities.
  • A routine of sitting on the couch watching TV night after night can be a detriment to your growth as a Christian.
  • Denying your spouse sex can be a huge detriment to your marriage.

Notice I said, “can be”. As the wise King once said, “there is a time for everything…” there are times when it’s okay to do all these things. However it doesn’t take long for necessity to turn into indulgence or manipulation in some cases.

I’m fighting a cold right now and resting all day is good for me. But in my heart I’m longing to return to the routines that I enjoy. I know all too well that laziness can creep in if I’m not careful. Only I know the struggles in my heart and the temptations I have to over-indulge certain things. This is why God instructs is…

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”

Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Good routines help us keep our heart on track and allow the springs of life to flow freely. It’s a rhythm only we can hear.

What routines do you practice each day? Spend some time talking about it together on your next date night and see how you might encourage each other in areas needing growth or change.

The sun is about to rise on another day—let us rejoice and be glad that we can once again walk to the rhythm of our routines for His glory, for He is our routine-keeping God!

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The Attributes of a Healthy Marriage – Cherish

Cherish is a word most of us use in our wedding vows, but most likely don’t realize what it means.

Cherish: to keep or cultivate with care and affection; to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely;  (“Cherish.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2017.)

We are hosting a Marriage Community Group in our home and are reading Gary Thomas’ new book, Cherish, along with watching his excellent DVD series. The conversations have been lively, challenging and fun as we consider together what it looks like to cherish our spouse on a daily basis.

These are a few of the ways we can cherish our spouse:

  • Think the best of your spouse.
  • Give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Cherish them in ways that are meaningful to them, not you.
  • Show them honor in front of others as well as in private.
  • Listen with your eyes.
  • Listen not because the topic interests you, but because of the one who is talking.

As you can see cherishing our spouse means putting them in the place of honor and respect in our heart, mind and actions. Oftentimes we wait for our spouse to deserve our praise, when in fact we should praise them to encourage them.

Gary said, “It makes me want to be a better man, to be the man she thinks I am.”

How are you doing in the area of cherishing your spouse? If you’re like us, even after 38 years of marriage, we still need to grow. Why not start today?

You can order the book and DVDs here and here.


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Happy Hour

Hot, Holy and Humorous

  • Are You A High-Maintenance Lover? – This post is an excellent way to evaluate the quality of your sex life. You might be surprised to discover you are, indeed, “high maintenance”.

Messy Marriage

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

  • How To Help Your Husband Fight Temptation – Sheila provides helpful advice on how to work together as a team and not give in to attacking each other. Be sure and read the comments as well. Great stuff!



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Keeping The Home Fires Burning

Tom was two badges shy of becoming an Eagle Scout when he quit, a choice he regrets to this day, yet what he learned during his Boy Scout training is so valuable.  I have benefited from his knowledge and skill in a variety of situations. The most important one he learned was to never panic. He is rock solid when it comes to emergencies and I am so grateful, since I tend to operate on the other side of the panic spectrum. He calms me and reassures me that things will be okay.

We were at our cabin last week when the temps dropped into the “let’s build a fire” zone. It got me thinking about how building a fire relates to building intimacy in marriage.

I asked Tom if he had ever started a fire using flint rock. To my surprise he had. He went on to explain how it works…

I watched this video of the whole fascinating process. Seven steps to build a successful fire from nothing more than a knife and flint rock.

If building such a fire works, how many steps does it take to build intimacy in marriage? I wish it were always this easy, but if given the right preparation it can be.

Anyone who has been married more than a few weeks knows that husbands and wives are completely different when it comes to intimacy. It is helpful to understand and appreciate the differences in order to build a lasting fire. Like the flint and the knife which are two completely different things yet when they each do their part, sparks ignite!

Many couples are surprised by the differences and spend much of their first year trying to figure out the how’s and why’s of it all. Some even try to change their spouse which never works. God created us different for a reason. It’s the differences that make our marriage unique from all others.

We encourage you to spend some time talking over the differences you’ve discovered when you’re both in the mood to think objectively. Discuss how you might grow together towards intimacy rather than letting the cool winds of indifference snuff out your passion. Here are some good questions to get you started:

  1. What does intimacy mean to you?
  2. In what ways do I encourage our intimacy?
  3. In what ways do I hinder it?
  4. If I could focus on one area to improve in our relationship, what would you want it be?
  5. What do you love the most about us?
  6. What in our marriage causes you to long for change? The thing that makes you say, “If only he/she would do ‘this’?”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, in order for our marriage to continue growing in all areas we must be intentional. Keeping the home fires burning is no different. Is it time for you to stir the embers and add some fresh wood to get yours burning hot again?

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The Attributes of a Healthy Marriage – TRUST

So often we focus on what not to do, and miss the things we can do to improve our marriage. Thus, I want to begin a series focusing on the many attributes of a healthy marriage.

Attribute One – TRUST

I just finished my last ladies retreat for 2017 where the theme was TRUST. During the retreat we made the theme into an acrostic we focused on each day. I realized that TRUST is such an important aspect of a healthy marriage. It is required to grow in all areas of intimacy. Without it we are left suspicious of each other and question the motives behind every decision, even the good ones.

T = Thanksgiving

Every marriage has things for which you can be thankful. Sometimes they are more obvious than at other times, but choosing to look for them is the first block in building trust. Start by asking questions…

  • What does your spouse do on a regular basis that makes your life easier?
  • What are the things your spouse has always done for you that if they stopped you would notice?
  • What things do other family members or friends commend your spouse for?
  • What are things you can always count on your spouse to do without being asked or told?
  • What is your spouse’s character strength?

Meditate on your answers and then communicate your appreciation to your spouse about them. Let thanksgiving be the foundation for a growing trust.

R = Remember

Reflect back on what attracted you to your spouse in the first place. Take long looks at your spouse and remember why it was you chose to marry them. Make a list and share with your spouse over dinner what you appreciate most about your history together.

U = Understanding

It is easy to talk to each other, but more challenging to understand each other. It has been said that we have two ears and one mouth, therefore we should listen twice as much as we speak.

In this day of distractions, really listening to each other is becoming more difficult. We must pursue it intentionally or there is a good chance we’re only skimming the surface of true understanding. When was the last time you looked your spouse in the eyes while they shared with you what was on their mind? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to practice this discipline.

Trust depends on understanding why your spouse thinks and acts the way they do.

S = Secure

As you grow in your understanding of your spouse, you become more secure in their actions. You are no longer left wondering why did they do that? or why do they think that way? Instead, your communication skills help you arrive at the proper conclusions allowing you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings that lead to conflict.

T = Tranquility

Tranquility means the state of being calm, peaceful, quiet, free from disturbance. What a way to live! As we grow in our trust of each other this is the lasting effect.

Whenever we aren’t experiencing this in our marriage, it’s a good indication that trust has been breached. It may be a legitimate reason or perceived, but in either case it must be discussed. Talk about the areas where you are struggling to trust your spouse–it may be in finances, how they spend their time, their priorities, parenting decisions (or lack of), in-law tension. As you can see there are a host of ways our trust can grow weak allowing suspicion to grow. Only you know the thoughts you are entertaining about each other. Realize that you are on the same team–marriage isn’t a competition. When it becomes one, you both lose!

Without trust it is impossible to have a healthy marriage, and likely one that won’t last. We want to do all we can to encourage trust between us. It is imperative to a relationship that stands the test of time.

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Spiraling Upward – Five Exercises to Start The Process

We’ve all heard of the downward spiral in marriage. One negative word leads to another which leads to neglecting each other and so it begins. Oftentimes its harmless at first. It may start with off-handed criticisms said in a joking way. But such words are like little darts being thrown at your spouse. Overtime and with enough darts it can permanently wound, or even kill your relationship.

Don’t do it!

Let’s instead talk about ways to help our marriage spiral upwards. This won’t happen on it’s own. We must make intentional choices for the good of our spouse and marriage.

  1. Cuddle skin to skin. There is scientific evidence that proves when we connect skin-to-skin it releases oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone”. If you are feeling distanced from each other either due to schedules or conflict, try holding each other each night before sleeping and see if it doesn’t draw you closer mentally and emotionally as well. It may even lead to some physical intimacy–a gift married couples share alone.
  2. Pick a favorite love song and while it’s playing look each other in the eyes for the duration of the song. It may seem hokey at first, but there is something that happens when we slow down for even 5 minutes to give our spouse our full-attention.
  3. Hold hands wherever you are going, no matter what you’re doing. It signifies to your spouse that you are near, and it tells the world that you belong to each other.
  4. Play the Name 3 Game. When the kids are in bed and you are without distractions ask your spouse to name three of whatever category you choose. It could be restaurants to try, places to visit, recipes you’d like to learn to cook, or new positions for making love. Or it could be based on your emotions–3 times you’ve been the happiest or laughed the hardest.
  5. Play the romantic memory game. Spend an evening making a list of as many romantic memories you can each think of. Make it specific rather than broad and you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

As you can see these are simple exercises that build intimacy together. We challenge you to spiral upward. We hear the views are incredible up there!

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Happy Hour

It’s time to share with you posts that stood out to us this week. We pray you’ll find the time to browse the list and read the posts that will help your marriage improve. God bless you and have a blessed weekend!

Gary Thomas

  • He Ate My Chocolate – Gary shares an excerpt from a new book by Debra Fileta entitled Choosing Marriage: The hardest and greatest thing you’ll ever do. 

Heaven Made Marriage

Marriage Missions International

Uncovering Intimacy


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Being a native Floridian, I have always loved watching storms roll in from a distance. Our skies are big making it easy to see when a storm is brewing.

Hurricanes are the most powerful storms I’ve witnessed, and Irma is the strongest to come across the Atlantic basin. To say I was nervous about what would happen to Florida is an understatement. I know the media can hype things up, but this was real. Irma had her gaze fixed on us and she was heading our way for what seemed like forever. I’m thankful we had lots of time to prepare.

Once Irma blew into town I found my favorite place to be was on our front porch watching her roar. We have a part of our porch that protects from the wind and provides a perfect place to watch the trees and rain blow without getting wet.

It was there that I encountered God. While the storm was raging around me, I sensed God’s power in a tangible way. He is all-powerful. He is in control. He still commands the wind and the waves. Yet, I was reminded that He takes thought of me, of you. Yes, He is fierce, yet approachable. All-consuming, yet comforting. He is my God and He is safe. I found myself quietly singing,

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God
All powerful, untameable,
Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim
You are amazing God (song and lyrics by Chris Tomlin)

What storms are you facing in your marriage? Did it come on you suddenly, or have you seen it brewing from a distance? Did you make the necessary precautions, or have you found yourself in a flood of trouble with no power to bail yourself out?

There is good news. God is the God of the storm. He alone knows what you need to bring your marriage safely through it. Run to Him and allow Him to be your shelter and your guide. He will protect you and help you as no one else can.

When we walked out of our home on Monday morning to assess the damage done in our neighborhood, we offered a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God. Not only had the storm passed, but we were safe.

We pray this will be true of all marriages facing trouble today. Lean into the storm holding hands, and watch what God can do.

It’s Indescribable!




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Five Things A Hurricane Is Teaching Me About Marriage

From The Weather Channel

If you didn’t know, we live in Orlando, FL. For days all eyes have been on the forecast track  of what has been declared the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever produced.

Meet Irma! 

She is strong. She is determined. She is moving forward without hesitation, and she doesn’t care what or who she destroys along the way. She is formidable in every sense of the word.

Weather mirrors our emotions. When we feel good we may say the sun is shining. When we feel sick we often say we’re under the weather. When angry, a storm is brewing and you had better take cover.

Following are five things Irma is teaching me about marriage:

  1. Take seriously when a storm is imminent. Ignoring the warnings doesn’t make the threat go away. It’s like hunkering down in a house built on sand.
  2. Store up good before the storm arrives. We may not be able to avoid storms in our marriage, but if we do our part to make sure our marriage is strong we will be more capable of enduring the worst of times together.
  3. Its best to not be alone during a storm. How true in marriage as well. We need each other the most when things are difficult. Sadly, many pull away from each other which only increases the possible damage suffered.
  4. Wait. Sometimes all you can do when facing a storm is to wait for it to pass. Once over, you can assess the damage incurred together.
  5. Realize you’re not the only one going through it. Be aware of those around you who may need a word of encouragement or a helping hand. We have found that not being so self-focused on our own situation, lifts our eyes from our trouble making it not seem as bad.


Wouldn’t it be great to hear said about you and your marriage as was said about Irma above…

Meet Mr. and Mrs. _________. They are strong. They are determined. They are moving forward without hesitation. And they don’t allow any obstacles to stop them. Their love is formidable!

Last week we began praying for Texas as they suffered horrific floods wrought by Harvey. This week it’s Florida.

Tom has been busy prepping the outside of our home. I have been busy prepping inside. This is all we can do at this point. We are concerned and prepared, but not afraid. We know that God is in control of all of creation, including powerful hurricanes! We covet your prayers and promise to keep you informed through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as we are able.

Grateful to God for His power on display through His creation and even more so for His sovereignty.

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Happy False Labor Day NOT!

It was February of 1984. I was 24, Tom was 29. We were expecting our second baby any day.

I was 10 days past my due date, when the familiar labor pains began. I was ready to meet my baby. Tom drove me to my OB for a final exam, but I wasn’t expecting to hear the doctor’s conclusion; I was having “false labor.”

Warning: Don’t ever tell an overdue mama that her baby isn’t coming…

I did what any of you would have done–I cried, and then I ate! I had been fasting all day since that’s what you do when in labor. Tom bought me a huge sub sandwich and a large Diet Coke. I ate every bit with almost a “How dare you” attitude.

The pain did not subside as false labor is known to do. It kept intensifying, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Tom drove me straight to the hospital this time since my pains were only minutes apart.

When we arrived a nurse examined me and said she thought she felt a bottom, not a head. She ordered an x-ray which confirmed what she suspected–my baby was breach and required an emergency C-section. After twelve hours of hard labor, I was finally going to meet my baby.

Since I wanted to be awake, a spinal tap was ordered. I wanted to find out if we had a boy or a girl. After all this waiting, I didn’t want to be unconscious for “the big reveal”.

The anesthetist attempted the first spinal but failed since I was having a sharp contraction. He tried again and yet another contraction halted his efforts. He kept telling me to relax, but what he should have known is that’s impossible when in labor. After 10 tries he finally succeeded. My body, from the rib cage down, not only went numb but I couldn’t move at all. I was paralyzed.

Within what seemed a few minutes I was my newborn baby in my arms, and I was elated she was a girl. Our firstborn son was 21 months, and a girl would be a new experience for us. We were excited!

I thought the difficulty would be over. Life was good. Pictures were taken and I was relieved it was over. But my darkest night was yet to come.

Because the anesthetist took so many tries for the spinal to take, the effects lasted for 12 hours. I was placed in a dark hospital room with two other women, one of whom didn’t speak English and was in severe pain. She screamed most of the night, and I couldn’t sleep because I was still paralyzed from the waist down. I don’t know how to describe it other than, tormenting.

By the time Tom arrived the next morning I was a mess. He went to the nurses station to request a private room for me. After much arguing he finally succeeded and I was moved. The numbness began to wear off, and I was elated. Finally, I could enjoy our newborn baby.

Yet another obstacle was about to hit.

I had never had a C-section and the pain was not only unfamiliar, but frightening. When I stood it felt as if my insides would come out. I asked the nurse if she could come get our baby, so I could rest.

Honey, you’re going to have to learn to rest at home with your baby, so you might as well start now!

Tom had left for work, and I was dumbfounded at what to say or do. So I cried.

Once Tom returned after work and I was able to talk to him about what happened, I felt better. Finally someone cared enough to offer me the help and compassion I needed.

The next day our pediatrician came in to examine our daughter before being discharged. I was thrilled to be going home, and I guess my joy showed. He commented that he was amazed I was able to be so joyful after all I had been through. He even used the cliche’, “You’ve made lemonade out of lemons.”

Imagine my surprise wen week later that same doctor had someone call us to invite us over to his house for dinner.

We were excited to have the opportunity to share with him and his wife the source of our joy. It was February and our daughter was only two weeks old, but we couldn’t miss this chance to share the hope we had been given in Christ. We loaded up and drove to their home.

Our hosts greeted us at the door, and invited us into their living room, where a group of other couples had already gathered. A white board was set in the middle of the room, which seemed odd to us. We waited.

And then we realized this was no informal dinner. It was an Amway presentation! We couldn’t believe what we were hearing/seeing! After all I had been through physically, this doctor used his patient list to solicit new recruits for his pyramid sales team.

We left his home that night, as well as his practice.

I wrote him a letter sharing how unethical we felt it was to solicit our business, especially when our daughter was so young.

There are always opportunists looking to benefit from the difficulty of others. Watching the news unfold in Houston reminds me to pray for those who may fall prey to similar schemes. I learned through this experience, not to be so quick to make assumptions about the motives of a stranger. What we thought was positive, ended up being quite the negative in our story.

How have you been taken advantage of by someone you though you could trust? What did you learn from it?

(Memes Credit:

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Pierced & Embraced – A Review

I was recently provided a copy of Kelli Worrall’s new book titled, Pierced & Embraced. It is an excellent book examining the encounters Christ had with seven women as recorded in the Gospels.

I was riveted from the outset.

You will see more clearly how Jesus cares for you as He interacted with the following women:

  • Mary, His Mother
  • Woman at the well
  • Woman with the hemorrhage
  • Woman caught in adultery
  • Mary and Martha
  • Woman with the alabaster jar
  • Mary Magdalene

Kelli shares candidly about her own struggles with the road before her, but she doesn’t leave us there. Through her story we learn how to relate to the way Jesus relates to all of us from time to time.

Maybe you are facing your own piercing season where there is no comfort to be found. Maybe it’s time to allow the Savior to embrace you in the pain and disappointment. Maybe you will find solace in how Christ comforted Mary and Martha in the loss of their brother. Maybe you will find healing in how Christ’s power touched the woman who had a hemorrhage for 12+ years. Or maybe you’ll relate to the woman caught in sin and how Christ didn’t condemn her but loved her then encouraged her to go and sin no more.


Whatever you are facing, this book will capture your heart, challenge your thinking and inspire you to draw nearer to Him. He was pierced for our transgressions, and His love is fierce.

If you order the book before 9/30/17, you can get a 40% discount. Just follow this link and use the code: EMBRACED40

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Happy Hour

happy hour

It’s time to share some of our favorites from this week. Take some time this weekend and check these posts out. It’s worth your time…

The Forgiven Wife

Heaven Made Marriage

Intimacy In Marriage

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16 Tips on Marriage from the Longest Married Couple in America

The year was 1932. The Great Depression was in full swing, but a celebration of love was taking place in November of that year.

John and Ann Betar eloped after fleeing Connecticut because Ann's father had arranged her to marry to a man 20 years her senior. She had already fallen in love with John who drove the local produce truck in her neighborhood. He would often give her and her friends a ride to high school, which is how their friendship began.

Her aunt told her father not to worry. "It won't last," she said. That was nearly 85 years ago and at ages 105 and 101, John and Ann are still proving her wrong.

They are officially the longest married couple in America and have been for several years. On Valentine's Day of 2016, Twitter followers were encouraged to submit questions to the couple about marriage using the hashtag #longestlove. They have a wealth of wisdom and wit to share with all who will listen.

In order to condense what they shared, we have made a list of their quips and quotes for your encouragement.

1. You have to like a person before you love them. We were good friends. – Ann Betar
2. "It's a lifelong thing. How do you define love? Through actions, understanding, little things … He loves the whole world. He doesn't think about disliking anybody. I don't either." – Ann Betar
3. "Let each other be, if it's not drastic. We wish everyone a blissful life like ours. We're just lucky." -John Betar
4. "Marriage isn't a lovey-dovey thing, y'know, for 80 years. You learn to accept one another's way of life." – Ann Betar
5. "Devote your time to understand one another." – Ann
6. "We always hold hands." – John
7. "We just take things as they come, and we're contented, and we have lovely family to support us." – John
8. "Listen to an older person when raising respectful children, whether you want to or not." They learned that from their parents. The Betar's also suggested to teach your children to never talk back to an older person.
9. "We never hold grudges. Most arguments are about food … Forgive each other." – John
10. "We hang on to one another. Just a few little hugs and we're fine." – Ann
11. "Live day-to-day within your means." – John
12. "Be content with what you have." – John
13. "Don't spend more than you have." – John
14. "Respect each other." – John
15. "We are very fortunate. It is unconditional love and understanding. We have had that. We consider it a blessing." – Ann
16. "We have watched the world change together. The key is to always agree with your wife." – John 🙂

Photos and quotes from Click over to read more about their life and love.

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Old Age Fresh Love


Meme by photo party favors

“Come grow old with me. The best is yet to be” is a quote lovers use often to express their devotion. However, when old age is knocking on the door it doesn’t seem to have the same romantic appeal. It is a much more sobering statement that requires a deep examination of the heart. I think it would help us to hear the entire quote by Robert Browning…

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, ‘A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!”

I have observed several dear friends who have had to watch their spouse die a slow death. It wasn’t easy, but it was love demonstrated in its purist form. My respect for their commitment to the covenant they made on their wedding day couldn’t be any higher. They made their marriage vows stand the test, and I believe they will hear the words, “Well Done!”

Every season brings with it an opportunity to learn to love and appreciate our spouse in a way we didn’t have to in the previous season.

  • When you have your first child and you see your spouse in this new role, it can be attractive or not. It depends on how well you are both geared to this change.
  • When your children grow up and leave the home it provides another opportunity to adjust and grow, or stagnate and drift apart. The choice is always there, but sometimes we don’t see it clearly.
  • When you retire and both of you are now together 24/7, this demands another adjustment in your relationship. It can either be for the good or bad depending on your willingness to adjust and grow.

There is key that helps unlock the beauty of the new season–Communication!

We shouldn’t be surprised by the changes. They are inevitable. But we must be able to talk about them and how they are affecting us. Hiding the struggle only prolongs the uncomfortableness of it all. Talking about it, though hard to begin, brings the needed adjustment so you can move forward allowing you to enjoy the “last of life” more than the first.

May we all have marriages that last according to God’s plan. “Trust Him“, as Mr. Browning penned, so we can “see all, nor be afraid.” 

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“You Are So Beautiful To Me”

Wives, how many of you have heard your husband say this to you? I would imagine most of us would say we have, but do you believe him? Or do you find yourself arguing or rejecting his compliments?

You may not realize how detrimental this is to your marriage.

Today we want to share with you a podcast by several women who host marriage blogs on sexual intimacy. In this particular episode Chris Taylor, of The Forgiven Wife, interviews five Christian Marriage Blogger husbands who gathered together at our CMBA Core Team Retreat in May. This is Part Two of a three-part series.

I encourage you to take twenty minutes and listen in to a husband's perspective on how he sees his wife as beautiful…

Sex Chat – A Wife's Beauty

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Magnifying Respect In Marriage

When asked, “Do you respect your spouse?” Most of us would answer a quick YES! It’s necessary to examine respect to see if we know what we’re talking about.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines it this way:

RESPECT’, verb transitive – To view or consider with some degree of reverence; to esteem as possessed of real worth.

This definition in its use as a verb transitive considers what someone does to gain our respect.

In the busyness of married life we get caught up in all the things we must do to stay afloat. High regard and respect for our spouse will follow if our spouse is carrying their weight. But if injury or sickness comes your way, making it impossible for your spouse to do what they’ve always done, respect may be found wanting.

Respect is fickle when we see it as a verb only. It is dependent on fluctuating circumstances. This is why we must also respect our spouse’s character not only their actions.

Webster goes on to define respect when used as a noun…

RESPECT’, noun – regards the qualities of the mind, or the actions which characterize those qualities.

This causes us to look deeper into the heart of our spouse; to consider what motivates their actions and/or their convictions. These are qualities that don’t fluctuate with the changing seasons of life.

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Respect your spouse’s character and you will discover a deeper and more sincere love. 

Consider who your spouse is rather than what they do, the next time someone asks if your respect them. This is how we magnify respect in marriage and glorify God in the process.


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Two Ways To Improve Your Communication In Marriage

Meme credit: Victory_Dominion_Power

Sometimes we hear advice that is familiar so we ignore it even if we aren’t practicing it; It’s called a well-worn path. The Bible calls it not having ears to hear. Ouch!

Communication, like baseball, is learned over time with lots of practice and mistakes. Since marriage is a life-long commitment, we can’t just check out of the game. We must look for ways to increase our batting average, in season and out, for the sake of our marriage.

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We’ve heard it said that the best way to improve in an area of physical training is to confuse your muscles. Do something different each time you practice so your muscles can’t  predict what’s coming. It requires your entire body to be engaged in the training, not just auto-piloting through the workout.

So it is with communication. Try something different and see if your listening doesn’t improve. 

  1. Listen with your eyes. Many times our spouse is speaking to us about something important to them, but because it isn’t important to us we respond with a half-interested, “Uh-huh.” We may be on our smart phone, looking at the computer, playing a video game or reading a book, when our spouse walks into the room and begins talking. Stop what you’re doing and look in their eyes. Don’t allow distractions to intercept this bid of attention your spouse is throwing your way. Of course, there are times when what you are doing is important and an interruption isn’t helpful. In those moments I encourage you to stop, look your spouse in the eyes and ask them if they could wait until you are finished. Then, make sure you take the time to pursue them afterward. Our eyes are easily distracted, so fixing them on our spouse when they are communicating to us will keep distractions to a minimum.
  2. Talk with your ears. This goes with what I said in #1. If you have something you would like to talk with your spouse about, don’t assume that they are ready to give you their full attention. Walk into the room with your “ears open and your mouth shut,” as my 9th grace Science teacher used to tell her loud, immature students. Our spouse deserves our courtesy. 

Practicing these two communication skills will go a long way in helping you both grow in the way you speak and listen to each other. Who knows? You might just discover a deeper level of intimacy in the process. Now that’s a home run!


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Happy Hour

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to highlight some of my favorite posts for the week, and this week is no exception. But I have a friend who is just starting her blog (first post today) and I wanted to share it with you. I also want to feature three other blogs by my friends, two of whom are in my writing group. They aren’t focused on marriage, but they’re really funny and will make you think, laugh and sometimes cry–not necessarily in that order. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Not That Big A Deal

Life On The Lighter Side

Swan Stuff

Feel Free To Laugh


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Two Weddings and an Engagement


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.26.29 PM

Meme by Marriage Today website

I have two nephews who are getting married within six weeks of each other this Summer. I am coordinating one and helping with the rehearsal dinner for the other, and I am loving every minute of it!

Right in the middle of this busy season our youngest daughter got engaged!

We’ve known it was coming since April when her boyfriend met with us to discuss his plans and ask our blessing. Of course we said yes! He is exactly the man our daughter has been praying for, and he reminds me a lot of Tom in how he loves her. She will be blessed by his love as I have been by Tom. But with their marriage comes more change. <sigh> An opportunity for me to let go and let them live the life God has ordained for them in another state! This will mean all three of our married children will live in three different states spread across the South–something I never saw coming.

But it is good!

Her fiancé was recently promoted to a dream job, but it required him moving to Arkansas. This means until they are married they are dating via Facebook phone calls. I must say they have become creative in how they spend their evenings. One of their favorites is to rent the same movie on Red Box, video call and start it at the exact same time so they can enjoy it together. I love it.

When Tom and I were engaged across the miles, all we had was the telephone and snail mail! 

We’re sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we are soaking in all the joy that new love inspires, as well as figuring out all the details of the wedding. If you’d like, check out our Facebook page where you can see the creative way our soon-to-be “Son-in-Love” proposed. He hit this one out of the park, and we are so happy to welcome him into our family.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 7.45.48 PM


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Monday Date Night Prompts – Game Night

Game nights are usually reserved for Family Nights, not date nights. However, I think we are missing out by making such a judgment. 

You may have seen some of our most popular romantic game ideas like:

Last year our daughter and son-in-love made us a giant Jenga set, and it’s so much fun! We thought you might like to make one to enjoy on your next Game Night Date Night. 😊

How to Make Giant Jenga

We pray your 4th of July is full of fun, family, friends, food and fireworks.

Happy Dating…

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