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Slow To Speak

I am married to a man who has learned the wisdom of speaking slowly. It’s not because he’s slow of thinking. In fact, it’s just the opposite. He ponders his thoughts before sharing them with others. And he often chooses … Continue reading

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Peeking In Your Bedroom

No, it’s not what you think.  What I’m talking about is something to help you and your marriage. It’s not difficult to do and you don’t need to study to figure out how to do it. All you have to … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

It’s Friday. It’s 5:00. It’s time for our weekly celebration of all the great marriage content being shared this week. Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive–but it’s full of posts we’ve read and highly endorse. Grab your favorite drink and … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Elliot 1926-2015

This morning at the age of 88, Elisabeth Elliot went to be with the Lord. Oh to see the reunion of her with her first husband Jim as she tells him what happened with the Auca Indians after his death. Imagine … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

  Each week we enjoy sharing with you what other marriage bloggers are posting. The following are our picks for you to read and from which to glean. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and spend time reading this … Continue reading

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Romantic Movie Moments

Have you ever been enjoying a movie when a scene happens that affects you to the core?  I have had this happen a few times–they’re called touchstones, where a scene touches a part of your heart and allows you to … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

The lack of happy hour posts isn’t due to lack of great content the other marriage bloggers are writing; it’s due to the fact we’ve been on Nana and Papa Duty for 9 days with four of our 7 grandchildren. … Continue reading

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Marriage Rip-Currents And How To Avoid Them

I spent a day this week at the beach with my daughter and three of her four children–we left the baby at home. When we arrived it looked like a storm might blow in, so my oldest granddaughter suggested we … Continue reading

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