Romantic Thanksgiving Ideas

  • Autumn Decor – making our homes warm and inviting is a great way to cultivate romance.  Try some of these simple, yet beautiful ideas.
  • Build an outdoor fire and make your own s’mores together. Talk about your dreams “s’more!”
  • Make a thankful basket that is filled with all his favorites and little scrolls of paper rolled up and tied with ribbon that express something specific you are grateful for. Let him open one a day for the entire week of Thanksgiving.
  • Plan one evening before Thanksgiving to have your own Thanksgiving dinner. Fix all your husband’s favorites and then, share with him all the things you’re thanking God for this year. Include the things you love most about him.
  • Send your husband a Thankful Text A Day beginning 8 days before Thanksgiving. Have each text begin with one letter from the word “Thankful.” For example: T = Touch, I love the way you touch me when we kiss; H = Hugs, I thank God for giving me a husband who knows how to hug me when I need it most.; A = Available, I know you’re always available for me whenever I need your help, advice or caring heart; N =  I thank God for never having to worry about your nearness; K = I thank God for such a kind man to love; F = I thank God for a man who is faithful to provide, love and be with me forever; U = I thank God for a man who tries to understand me when I don’t understand myself; L = I thank God for a lasting love, one that I know will never leave me or forsake me.  Have fun sending him these text messages. You could even mix the order up and have him unscramble the word to discover what it is at the end.
  • Thanksgiving Parade fun – Make some fun prizes to go along with this kids scavenger hunt during the parade. Do a search for this year’s scavenger hunt offerings on Google or Pinterest. If your husband successfully finds all the items they can “cash in” later. 😉 Make it something they’ll truly be thankful for.
  • Black Friday Eve Tradition – Place in their napkin during your Thanksgiving Feast a special note from you that tells them what you plan to do after the kids are in bed that night. Sure the next morning is Black Friday, but inform them of the romance of Black Friday Eve–dress all in black and do what you can to make them never forget this night.

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