Romantic St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

  • Plan an evening celebrating Irish culture: Eat Irish food, watch a movie or sport (golf, soccer, etc.) set in Ireland.
  • Make your husband green eggs and ham for breakfast!  Your kids will love it too! Check out more recipes Here
  • Write your own romantic limerick and give them one line at a time throughout the day.
  • Dress to bless in a sexy green outfit or buy some inexpensive cardboard four leaf clovers at the party store and paste them on certain parts of your body.  Watch his surprise when he sees how “lucky” he is!
  • It’s Irish tradition to kiss the blarney stone upside down while lying on your back.  Make up your own “blarney stone” tradition!
  • Read Yeats love poems, especially  ‘When You are Old,” which includes the immortal lines: “But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face.” (source 10 Romantic Irish Ideas.)

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