Romantic New Year’s Eve Ideas for Her


No reason for New Year’s Eve to be the same Old Lang Syne. This is why we’re offering some ideas on how to make this year’s celebration one your wife will talk about for years to come.

  • “Remembering the Year” Jar – Take some time between now and December 31st to list all the things worth remembering from the past year. They can be small or significant. Pray before compiling your list and ask God to help you remember all the special moments you’ve shared. After you’ve finished, cut them into strips and place in a pretty jar that you own or one you’ve purchased for the occasion. Gift wrap it and give it to her at some point on New Year’s Eve. Plan some time where you can share your favorite beverage in front of a flickering candle or glowing fire to have her draw one memory at a time from the jar. Guaranteed to be a night full of reflection and gratefulness.
  • Breakfast In Bed – When the clock strikes twelve, enjoy that special kiss and then hand her a card. Inside include a message telling her you’ve planned a special breakfast in bed for her in an effort to start the New Year with a personal touch just for her. Here are 10 breakfast in bed ideas from which to choose.
  • Time of Prayer and Communion – After the clock strikes twelve and you’ve kissed, pull your bride aside and pray asking God to lead you and guide you in the New Year. Dedicate all the knowns and unknowns to Him who controls all things. As a final dedication, share communion together. Have the wine and bread ready without your wife knowing. She’ll be blessed by your thoughtfulness and caring leadership and God will be honored and glorified by your sincere desire to lovingly lead your wife into deeper spiritual intimacy.
  • Pamper Her Royally – Send your wife on New Year’s Eve to get a manicure and pedicure. While she’s there have a single rose delivered to her; you can do this yourself by standing out of sight and asking someone who is going by to hand deliver it for you. Attach a note to the rose with a gift card for her to go shopping and buy something special for the night that’s fitting for your chosen place for dinner. Let her know you have dinner plans and where so she’ll know how to dress. Arrange for a babysitter and you’re sure to have a night your wife will not soon forget.

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