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Vintage Post – Constrained or Compromised?

Originally posted March 2011 Driving down the road they stand as deformed sentinels declaring to everyone, “I was here first!”  Yet progress moves forward without regard for the hows, whys or who’s in the way.  I’m talking about beautiful trees … Continue reading

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What’s The Big Deal About Marriage Anyway?

Marriage. It seems to be old-fashioned to many in our culture. Kind of a romantic gesture that is optional for co-habitating couples, but not necessary. I’ve heard some say, “Marriage is just a piece of paper that doesn’t prove anything. … Continue reading

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Pandemic Marriage Check Up

Tension. Every marriage faces it. It comes from no where and sometimes settles so thick you could cut it with a knife. Many use words instead, which cuts deeper and always leaves a scar. Pandemics are like a boiler keeping … Continue reading

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