Romantic 4th of July Ideas

her 4th
If you would like to add a little romance to your Independence Day celebration we’re here to help.

Tried and True:

  • Free Concert – most communities offer free concerts on the 4th.  Check your local listings and pack a nice picnic full of your favorites.
  • Rent a boat and enjoy your day on the water.  Go swimming to cool off and don’t forget to spread on the sunscreen.  Even if you don’t burn – it’s fun to put it on.
  • Go to the beach early to watch the sun rise.  Then, stay late to watch the fireworks.
  • Draw her a bath with red rose petals floating, blue and white candles flickering and her favorite sparkling drink to enjoy.  Follow with a great massage.
  • Go out for a banana split to share.
  • Spend time praying together before the day is over for the blessing of living in a country such as America.

Something unique and new:

  • Rooftop Serenade – Climb up on your roof after dark to watch the fireworks display in the distance.  Or make some of your own – up on the roof!
  • Biking for Two – If you can find a place to rent a tandem bike, go on a ride built for two.  Or take your own bikes and decorate them for the holiday.  Have your own patriotic bicycle parade.
  • Go skinny dipping, that is if you can do it where it’s private and you won’t get caught or in trouble.  No fun to make the headlines!  Best if you have your own pool.
  • Buy her a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers and tell her how proud you are of her.
  • Put iPod headphones on your wife with the symphony sounds of Patriotic music playing while you make love to her. She’ll be sure to hear the music and maybe you’ll march along. 🙂
  • If you love photography work at capturing the perfect firework on camera. Then have it made into a photo on canvas to remember this day.
  • Check out a recent post with more ideas to make July a month to remember.


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