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Happy New Year

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Top Ten Marriage Moments Worth Remembering from 2013

Everyone has heard of a Top Ten List. David Letterman is famous for his list covering all sorts of topics each night of the week. Most large cities come up with a Top Ten List of great places to visit … Continue reading

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It Matters

How well do you watch your words when you’re around your children, your friends? Do they hear you talk down to your spouse? Do they hear you react to a request or question? If so, you’re like the majority of … Continue reading

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Tired But Happy

It’s a week before Christmas, and our house is busy, busy, busy–wiping noses, changing diapers, playing crash, coloring, blowing bubbles and such. All 6 of our grandchildren are here through Christmas–yea! We have gingerbread houses to decorate, cookies to bake, … Continue reading

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If Marriage Had A Fountain Of Youth

I remember as a child hearing of Ponce de Leon’s pursuit of The Fountain Of Youth. It was said to be somewhere in Florida, and it was told he spent his life trying to find it. But he never did … Continue reading

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Choosing The Best This Christmas Season

Today would have been my Dad’s 91st Birthday. My Mom died nearly a year ago on December 15th. Needless to say, this has been an emotional month for me–beginning Thanksgiving week. Tom has spent lots of time comforting and holding … Continue reading

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‘Twas A Christmas To Remember

I’ve written the following poem for your enjoyment, but in addition, we believe it displays a possible reason many who read our blog struggle to romance their spouse in big and special ways. However, romance is much more than the … Continue reading

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