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Yes, today is the one where daylight is the longest of the year. The sun stays around a bit longer and does what it does best—shines light. without it all would be darkness—complete and utter darkness. If you’re like me, … Continue reading

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“What will I wear?” I still couldn’t believe this was happening. It was only Wednesday when he called long-distance to see how I was. Long-distance was expensive 44 years ago. It cost more to dial across the state than it … Continue reading

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A Weighty Word Indeed

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a word. It has caused me to stop in my tracks and ponder it’s meaning. When applied to One in particular, it can bring me to my knees. The word is…HOLY It is … Continue reading

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In Need of Shade

Must find shade! We have a black car and the temperature difference between parking in a sunny spot and a shady spot is huge as far as comfort is concerned. Add to it the windshield umbrella contraption Tom bought and … Continue reading

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