Romantic Halloween Ideas to Surprise Her


  • Buy your wife a scented candle and some essential oils for a candlelight massage.
  • Make her a treat bag filled with lots of little things you know she loves. It can be candy, jewelry, music or gift cards.
  • Instead of giving her a treat bag, have her go around the house looking for the treats. Give her a special reward for finding all of them in a certain amount of time.
  • Plan a night away at a bed & breakfast.
  • Go on a hayride after dark, or to a haunted attraction if that’s something you both enjoy.
  • Plan a couples costume party. But have it begin around 9p. after the kids are finished and in bed for the night.
  • Rent a sexy costume for your wife to wear for you in the bedroom. Or go together to pick out costumes for both of you.
    Host a Murder Mystery Dinner party – There are many of these available to purchase on or you can find one at a local toy store. The fun part is everyone comes dressed as their assigned character.

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