Romantic Valentine Ideas

Many husbands we talk to have taken on a personal boycott of this holiday because they feel it is too expensive, and they also say they should romance their wife everyday of the year. This is true – but what an opportunity such husbands are missing. I mean there are ideas everywhere! The challenge is to be creative and not simply fall for the flower/chocolate routine. This is our hope here – to offer you creative, but simply romantic ideas. Browse our list and see if there isn’t one you know your wife would love, and then, make this Valentine’s Day one where she brags about you to her friends! This kind of bragging is always allowed!

  • Is your wife pregnant? Here is a list of 10 great gift ideas especially for her.
  • Scott with Journey To Surrender shares step-by-step how he created a luxury spa AT HOME for his bride. You can do the same, and the best part? It’s been wife-tested and approved.
  • Romantic Balloon Pop – another great idea from Scott.
  • The Numbers Game – the first in Scott’s series about breaking Valentine’s Day anxiety.
  • A Wish Bowl – Have your wife write out on strips of paper (or die-cut paper shaped like fish) her wishes.  Have different colors to indicate free, under $10, under $20 and over $20.  This will keep you from selecting a wish when you don’t have the money to make it come true.  Place all her wishes in a fish bowl and keep it in a safe place.  Whenever you want to surprise her throughout the year you can draw a wish out of the bowl and make it come true.   Start this tradition on Valentine’s Day.  Tell her she can continually add to the bowl as ideas come to mind.
  • Meet Me Hunt – Tell your wife you’ve secured a babysitter for the evening and they’ll arrive at such-and-such a time.  Give the babysitter a note ahead of time to hand to your wife when she arrives. The note says to go to a favorite bakery.  When she arrives have the person working give her a treat you’ve already purchased along with the next note.  This note says to go to the florist.  When she arrives the person gives her the flowers along with a romantic card you bought for her along with the next note.  This note says to go to a store she loves.  When she arrives the salesperson hands her a wrapped gift with a sealed note and one attached to the outside which reads, “Do Not Open Until You See Me!” This note says to meet at your favorite restaurant (or you could set up a picnic in a park).  When she arrives have a candlelit table for two waiting for an amazing evening she’ll never forget!  This one takes a bit of effort and planning, but it’s guaranteed she’ll love it!
  • The Story Of Us JournalThis is a journal that you give to your wife for her to fill out. It includes questions about her life before you met and pages to fill out telling your love story.
  • Breakfast In Bed – Prepare all her favorites and have the children give her their special valentines.
  • A Daisy A Day – bring home one flower a day for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day along with a note telling her seven things you love and appreciate about her.  At the end of the week she’ll have a beautiful bouquet that speaks of your love.
  • Valentine’s Dinner At Home – Plan, cook and serve your wife a delicious meal for a romantic dinner for two at home.  Click here for step by step instructions.  Not a cook?  Then, pick up dinner at her favorite restaurant.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for linking me and for the other great links!


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