Romantic Christmas Ideas

This page is dedicated to the wife who wants to surprise her husband with a romantic Christmas. If you would like to surprise your wife, check out our Romantic Christmas Ideas for Husbands.

Here you will find great ideas to make the Christmas season one your husband will always remember.  There really is nothing like the twinkling of tiny lights to help reignite your love for one another.  Merry Christmas!

  • Personal Tree Decorating Party – Buy some inexpensive garland and small plastic bulbs, maybe even some tinsel and snow. Lay out a blanket on your bedroom floor. When your husband is out watching TV after the kids have gone to bed, send him a text inviting him to come decorate his very own tree. When he walks into the room, be standing there with new Christmas-colored lingerie  on (or nothing at all) and let him have fun decorating his tree. You can go as all out with this gift as you want. I guarantee he won’t hear the song, “Oh, Christmas Tree, oh, Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches,” again without smiling.
  • Personalized Advent Calendar – Here is what I’m doing beginning December 1st through December 24th.  I bought some inexpensive Christmas tags and wrote the number of each day on the outside.  Inside I came up with little things I can do that day to bless Tom.  Some are days spent praying for him, one is a WILD card to cash in on whatever he wants – so you see there’s a fun variety.  Make yours things your husband would enjoy.  Day One is his favorite drink waiting for him when he walks in the door from work.
  • Message in a Bottle – this is a unique gift that could become a Christmas ornament later.
  • Photograph – have a professional photo taken of you with or without the children and place in a nice frame for him to keep at work.
  • The Twelve Day Christmas Tree – we posted about this last year, but it’s worth repeating.
  • Bake his favorite Christmas treat and have them delivered to his office by a friend or ship them from the UPS Store.
  • THE CHRISTMAS TREE! I just found this one on the internet and it sounds like a very creative way to celebrate the 12 days leading up to Christmas.
  • Follow The String – While your husband is sleeping on Christmas Eve morning, hide his present and attach a string to it.  Take the string a unroll it all over the house – under couch cushions, through the kitchen, across the living room (you get the idea), and finally to the bed where he is sleeping.  Wake him up by telling him this string has a present attached at the other end.  A great way to give a gift with a bit of fun and adventure. (idea from Michael Webb’s Romantic Frugal Fun page.)
  • Grant A Wish – Don’t know what to give him?  Provide a wish for someone, or a local charity or organization in their name.  Write out what you did in a personalized note.  Roll it up in a scroll with pretty ribbon and hang it on the tree.  Let this be the first gift opened on Christmas morning.  For example, one year I wanted to do something for the hospital floor where my dad had had open heart surgery.  I contacted the head nurse, and she said their waiting room was in serious need of games, books and items to help waiting family members pass the time.  I was able – in Tom’s name – to replenish their waiting room tables with books from our church’s bookstore as well as games and puzzles.  This has become a tradition Tom looks forward to each year, and it by far his favorite gift!

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  1. NeeNah says:

    Well, I went to the site suggested and it’s no longer live. But, I found a site that is live and has a Twelve Days… romance plan. (They have a Twelve Days of Christmas romance plan that I’m wondering how it compares to that one.) I have this plan, as well as others from them. I have an arsenal! If you’re interested in the ’12 Days…’ one, you can start here: . Thank you for all your contributions to marriage. Those who come here are blessed! BTW… I did a cost comparison also, and Aliehsh came up with the same as what I found with the plan on .


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    Found this page real useful,


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