Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

  • Take part in The 10-Day Challenge as sponsored by Brad and Kate Aldrich of the One Flesh Marriage Blog. Most husbands will certainly be thrilled about such a challenge, so we thought we’d post this idea on the Wives Only page. Imagine his delight when you tell him about this amazing event. It all starts on February 5th – the night of the Super Bowl.  This may just be the event he remembers most this Valentines Day! 🙂
  • 16 Ways to Flirt With Your Husband – check out these fun and creative ways to keep your love and attraction hot and oh, so sexy from To Love, Honor And Vacuum blog.
  • “I Love You” Cookie CuttersFor only $8.75 you can purchase these cookie cutters to use over and over again.  What a “sweet” way to show your love!
  • The Generous Wife asked her readers to share some of their favorite Valentine ideas.  This list is full of lots of great ideas worth checking out!
  • Personalized Crossword Puzzle – Take some time with a Scrabble board and make a puzzle using words that represent all the things you love about him or things you did that were special this past year, or for your entire married life.  Transfer the crossword puzzle onto a piece of paper or cardstock.  Once you finish – write clues to go with each word.  On Valentine’s Day spend time reminiscing while he solves the crossword puzzle.  Or you can build your own crossword puzzle on-line at Discovery’s Puzzlemaker site.  This is easier if you’re computer savvy. Or here’s another Crossword Puzzle site to try, thanks to Tara!
  • Shower Him With Hearts – make a bunch of red paper hearts.  Write on each one thing you love about him.  Paste them all over the house.  This is fun to do with your children too.  If they are too small to write – ask them what they love about Daddy, and write it for them.
  • Romantic Cheese Course For Two – This idea is simple, but sounds delicious!  Click here for all the details!
  • Countdown to Valentine’s Day – Plan to give your husband a surprise every day from Feb. 1 – the 14th.  It can be a simple note in his lunch, baking his favorite cookies, back massage, washing and massaging his feet, etc. The idea is to do something special for 14 days.
  • Romantic Dinner At Your Place – Send your husband an invitation to have dinner at “your place” on February 14th.  Make arrangements for the children if you can.  If you can’t, then plan your evening for after they have all gone to bed.  Tell him to arrive at a time where you know you’ll be ready.  He will need to take a change of clothes with him to work.  Then, fix a four course dinner to be served in an unusual place – be it outside under the stars (if the weather permits) or in the middle of the living room using a card table, or in your bedroom.  I’ve found it really fun to set up a nice table in a completely different part of the house – it makes it feel like your away someplace special.  Use a nice table lamp for a centerpiece or candles if you prefer.  The idea is to make it the most romantic table for two you’ve ever enjoyed!  And girls – you can dress really sexy for this dinner since it will be for HIS eyes only!
  • Make up an acrostic of V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S. – D.A.Y. to give to him – one a day until the 14th.  Here are some ideas to help you share with him specific character qualities you admire in him. We’ve also included food items for each letter. You can incorporate those in your dinner that day, or use some of them for your Romantic Valentine’s dinner:

V=value, valentine, veal,

A=affectionate, attentive, athletic, asparagus

L=lips, lover, lamb, licorice, love songs

E=enjoy, entertain, ecstacy, eclairs

N=nice, naughty, nipples, nuts, nibble

T=tease. tempting, tantalize, show and TELL, T-bone steak, turnovers

I=intense, intentional, ice cream, ice skating

N=(see above)

E=extra helpings (see above)

S= senses, sex, strip steak or just STRIP, strawberries, salmon, songs, still – make him lay still while you have fun kissing him all over.  No hands makes it more fun!

D=devoted, darling, dedicated songs, desires, delicious, Dove chocolate

A=attend to his desires, apples,

Y=say YES to whatever he wants!

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