Romantic Spring/Easter Ideas

Easter is a very special time of year for Christians. In fact, without Easter there would be no salvation. It’s also the perfect time to let your husband know how much you appreciate him. We’ve provided some creative ways for you to share your love during this holiday season.

  • Spring Clean – surprise your husband by cleaning out and/or organizing an area on his to-do list.  This is especially fun if you know he’s planning to do it on Saturday, and you’re able to do it for him on Friday.
  • Go to the beach for your own spring break.  Pretend you’re dating again and pack a picnic full of all your favorites.
  • Have a Romantic Easter Egg Hunt – Fill plastic eggs with love notes that lead your husband all through the house.  Items to include: chocolates, tiny lingerie, or coupons.  If you feel really daring – buy a sexy bunny outfit and be waiting at the end of the bunny trail!
  • Make a Sexy Easter Basket – Most definitely not a basket for kids. Fill an Easter Basket full of sexy gifts such as massage oils, an intimate game, or edible underwear. You’ll definitely be hopping in the bedroom tonight.
  • Wash his car for him and even vacuum the inside.  Leave a note telling him you want to give him a good ride!  🙂
  • Candy Bar Bouquet with a message.  Try using candy to write a sexy love note to your husband.  Here is the list I used when I did this for Tom:  Starburst (1), lifesavers (2), Good N Plenty (3), Payday (4), Kisses (5), Hugs, (6), Mounds (7),Almond Joy (8),Reese’s Pieces (9),  Snickers (10), Nips (11), Rolo (12), Fireballs (13), Hot Tamales (14),  Watchamacallit (15), Skor (16), Baby (T) Ruth (17), 1,000,000 bar (18).  Confused at how this works?  Make your candy bouquet and then using a sharpie put a number on each candy.  Write a note like this:    Dear ________, I made this candy bouquet to communicate my love for you.  You are the __(1)__ of my __(2)__.  I thank God __(3)__ every __(4)__ for giving you to me to shower you with __(5)__ and __(6)__.  You bring me __(7)__ of __(8)__ and it melts my heart to __(9)__.  You make me __(10)__ when you __(5)__ my __(11)__.  I love to __(12)__ in bed.  Your __(13)__ are __(14)__ and your __(15)__ really __(16)__s with me.  __(17)__ is your love makes me feel like a __(18)__.

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