Romantic Labor Day Ideas

Romantic Labor Day Ideas for Him

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  • Make a basket of his favorite things: drinks, candy, snacks, magazines, gift cards, etc.  While he’s enjoy the items tell him your favorite things about him.
  • Acrostic Gift: On Labor Day, why not plan to bless your husband for how hard he works to provide for you and your family.  Starting on Monday give him a letter each day that spells the word L-A-B-O-R.  You can come up with your own or use these ideas.  And you may want to give them to him all in one day:
  • L = long hours.  Thank him for the long hours he invests in his work to succeed and provide for you.  Be specific in all the things you appreciate about his willingness to work hard.  Give him a gift card for an hour long massage OR give him one yourself.
  • A = attitude. Thank him for the many times he has a good attitude about work even when it’s hard.  Look for evidences of grace that stand out to you in this regard and be specific.
  • B = body.  Thank him for the way he cares for his body keeping himself healthy and able to work hard.  Realize that health is a gift from God and pray for him out loud thanking God for making your husband’s body strong and dependable.
  • O = outstanding.  Thank him for being outstanding at what he does.  Think about the specifics of his job and praise him for the ways he excels at work.
  • R = relax.  Tell him that because he works so hard you want to give him some relaxation time – whatever that would mean for him.  It could be an afternoon off to play golf with his friends, or a morning to sleep in, or something a bit more intimate.  You get the idea.
  • Have a Goodbye Summer Date night – Plan an evening of all the things you both love most about summer.  For example – sparklers, hot dogs and a moonlight walk or swim.  End the evening by climbing on your roof to watch the stars.  Be sure to take along your favorite summer drinks.

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  3. Angela Carillet says:

    Thankyou for listening to the Lord and helping with our marriages!

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