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For our husband’s sake and your convenience, this list will be continually added to providing creative ideas to romance your husband throughout the year.  For special holiday ideas, please refer to our drop down menu where you’ll find specific ideas for every holiday throughout the year.  If you have some ideas you would like to share with us, please do!  We all need help to spur one another on in this area!


  • How well do you know your husband?  You may be surprised to discover things you do every day aren’t really the blessing you think they are.  Rebecca posted a simple project on The Generous Wife blog to help you really get to know your man!  Be sure to check it out!  It might just change your routine forever!
  • Take Your Vitamins – okay, this one is really personal, but I share it with you to make a point.  Tom takes vitamins regularly, but I never have.  I don’t like them!  But just recently I realize that refusing to do this simple thing is not caring for him.  He wants me to care about my health so I will be around as long as the Lord wills.  Our husbands often have preferences that are important to them, but may not be to us.  Romancing them means submitting to these seemingly non-important requests as a way of saying, “I love you, and I want to please you!”
  • Care for your Appearance – Make sure to freshen up your makeup and hair before your husband arrives home from work.  You might even spritz on some cologne and change from your ratty old t-shirt and comfy shorts.  Men are attracted by sight – it’s our job to care for ourselves and make ourselves attractive to our husbands.
  • Make an effort to do the things he asks you to do each day.  This communicates loudly to our husbands that what he wants and needs is important to us.


Romantic Ideas For Any Occasion:

  • Games for Two – Does your husband enjoy playing games?  Check out this site for some sexy twists to favorite classics, like Scrabble, Monopoly and Risk.  If your husband’s favorite game isn’t listed, make up your own twist.  I think this site will get you thinking, and then share it with us!  Simply comment on THIS page so only the wives see it.
  • Double Date – I recently asked Tom if he could get off an hour early from work on the following Friday.  He said he could.  I told him to come pick me up.  He didn’t know that Ann Roberts and I had planned a double date together.  Ann told Jim the same thing – both of them were giddy with excitement.  After having Tom drive all over town, we finally parked in front of the Morse Museum of American Art on Park Avenue, Winter Park.  As we got out of the car – Jim and Ann met us on the sidewalk.  There was a free event at the museum allowing us to walk through all the exhibits of Louis and Charles Tiffany for free.  There was chamber music playing making the experience quite romantic.  After spending a couple of hours in the museum – the place IS amazing!  We walked to Panullo’s Italian Restaurant where we had reservations using a buy one get one $15 off coupon that is good for up to 6 people in your party.  It’s easy to sign up for this coupon – just go to their website and they’ll e-mail you one every week.  For under $20 we enjoyed a double date with great friends and toured the most beautiful displays of Tiffany glass in the country.  Making it a surprise for the guys added to the special memory we made.
  • Planning a Big Surprise – I remember when my kids were little and I wanted to buy Tom something very special for his next birthday.  It was the fall and his birthday wasn’t until the following August – I had time, but no money.  So, I purposed to put a tighter reign on my grocery spending squeezing out an extra $5 – $10 a week.  I would hide the money in an envelope in my son’s closet.  Months went by and I continued to place all extra cash – even when Tom gave me money to buy something for myself – it went in the envelope.  No one could have been more surprised when I finally took the money out to count for the first time.  I had saved $400!  And Tom had no idea.  I was so excited to be able to buy him the stereo system he had wanted for a couple of years – and the look on his face was priceless – that is once I convinced him that I hadn’t charged anything.  Big gifts can be possible if you start early enough and practice self control.  I can testify that it was well worth the sacrifices I made to see him enjoy my big surprise!
  • In The Door Treats – when you’re husband walks in the door from work, have his favorite drink, light snack and newspaper or remote waiting for him wherever he goes first.  Place a note telling him to relax and enjoy some quiet time before dinner.
  • Bake something spontaneously – Once the children are in bed head to the kitchen to bake something your husband loves without telling him what you’re doing.  Let his nose break the surprise.  This is a great way to let our husband know that we love and care for him.
  • Bake Him A Cookie Bouquet – We’ve all seen these beautiful bouquets of gourmet cookies, but did you know you can make your own homemade version?  Click here to learn how! This can be even more meaningful and surprising when you do it for no special reason.
  • Romance His Commute – buy or prepare your husband’s favorite cold drink and snack.  Pack this in a cooler and include a romantic CD with a note saying that you were thinking of him and wanted him to have time to unwind while he drives home.  Thank him for how hard he works each day!  Then, sometime during the day drive to his place of employment (be sure to bring an extra set of keys to his car) and place the cooler on his seat, the CD in the player and your note on the steering wheel.  He’ll be blessed from the moment he gets in the car and by the time he arrives home he’ll feel very loved and cared for.
  • Five Sense Romance – Use the five senses to communicate your love and care for your husband: Smell – If you know your husband is having a rough day, have something wonderful baking or cooking as he walks in from work.  The smell will draw his heart as a reminder of why he loves home, and it will communicate your love to him without words.  Hear – Listen to things your husband says under his breath like, “I’m thirsty”, or “I need to take care of such and such”.  Make this your first priority so that your husband will be amazed at how you knew exactly what he was wanting or needing to do.  Touch – Reach out and take his arm or hold his hand no matter where you are.  This communicates not only to him that you love him, but it’s also a demonstration to the world that you belong to one another.  Taste – make it a regular habit to surprise your husband with his favorites (ice cream or coffee after dinner, a cold drink waiting for him when he goes to the bedroom to change after work).  See – look for any and every opportunity to encourage him when he does something romantic for you that is unexpected.  Often times our husbands do little things for us, that we don’t even notice because we’re distracted.  (Taraleigh, a good friend, recently found a recipe to make hot brownies for her husband in the crockpot.  She timed it so they would be ready when he walked in the door from work.  She says the recipe is wonderful – you can find it HERE.)


21 Responses to Only Wives

  1. Mandy says:

    Debi, Thank you SO much for starting this new Blog! I can’t wait to keep up with it and can’t wait to show it to Jason. I’m already encouraged, challenged, convicted and excited just from reading above. Thank you!
    ~ Mandy


  2. Peggy says:

    This is really neat, Debi and Tom! thanks for taking the time to do this. It is really neat/1


  3. Medana says:

    I love this idea and it so happens I have a table top tree that needed a resting spot. I plan on doing it…I mean creating it tonight! Thanks Debi 🙂


  4. Shawnie says:

    OK, I am so excited about this. This is the kind of thing that I get into. I am always looking for fun, new ideas on how to bless Joe and make him a happy husband. Count me in!


  5. Whitney Shumaker says:

    Thank you soooo very much for putting this up. As a newly wed, I have gleaned so many good ideas here. This website has been loads of help. Madie sent the link to me a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been addicted ever since 🙂 Thanks for the time and effort you put into this!


  6. Ashley says:

    I love this! Sometimes I feel like I want to do something special for Jason, but I’ve exhausted all my ideas! This is a great way to show how much I love him in new (and practical) ways! 🙂


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  12. snowbirdling says:

    This is great! I sure hope you keep updating the list 🙂 I will keep it as a reference. Thank you.


    • Debi Walter says:

      In case you’ve missed it, we’ve added a drop down menu under this heading with romantic ideas for the different holidays throughout the year. And yes, we will continually update the list as we find new resources. Thanks for commenting!


  13. Annie says:

    A twist on the In the Door Treats. Dions love language is Physical Touch so when he walks in the door I make it a point to drop whatever I am doing and go to give him a hug and kiss. He says that is the highlight of his day after a stressful day at work to come home and just be loved on 🙂


  14. Angelique says:

    This is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love surprising my husband Joe!! It makes me feel great to know that all he wants to do after a long day at the office is to come home to his castle where all the princess’ and prince’s are awaiting for him (we have 6 kids n u would think he’d wana stay at the office longer!) As long as GOD is the head of our life everything else is jus water under a flowing bridge.RESPECT is probably the easiest and hardest thing to do for one another…as long as we remember we are NOT perfect, never was and never will be it becomes natural to know the difference of opinions, a man vs a woman’s. I find myself thanking GOD for the difference of the two and have come to appreciate the difference of his opinion. Man did not create man therefore it cannot be understood by man and I am thankful for the man my GOD has blessed me with!! I truly love you, Joe for this is the promise I made before our GOD!


    • Debi Walter says:

      I’m so glad you like the Wives Only page–it’s for the purpose you described–to surprise our husband. Those who practice this often in marriage add an element of fun they would otherwise miss. We’d love to hear what surprises you have done that work and which ones didn’t. It’s great to have others from whom we can glean.


      • Angelique says:

        Hi Debi,
        I threw a surprise Birthday party for my husband and invited friends he hadn’t seen in years. The married and family life was so busy they never really had time for themselves. He was ecstatic that I went out of my way to get a hold of his friends and to keep the party a secret. He loved it and so did his friends!! I try to do something for him daily even if its just to remove his shoes and massage his feet or give him a back massage until he falls asleep. It’s to the point where each one of the kids are trying to decide who is gona do what for daddy.. He feels so loved and the kids try to out do the previous task so they too are learning to love and appreciate each other as well!
        *(Didn’t work as planned) My husband believes we attend church on Sundays and don’t go anywhere afterwards as we should rest. I agreed to a dinner with family at our nearest restaurant on a Sunday and although it was family it didn’t work as planned. We had a good time however, it was very tiresome so there was really no resting before the rush week to come.My husband went with it just not to hurt my feelings and later in private explained to me the reasoning behind his madness,lol! I listened and respected his feelings and now every Sunday belongs strictly to the LORD! I am very happy and content with it and never suggest meet and greets on Sunday’s!


  15. Sue says:

    My precious man just sent me this site since he knows I am always looking for new ways to romance him. He is a really wonderful husband, since he is a scientist/doctor and yet he is an artist and loves the romantic things in life. When we were first married and I was a nurse putting hubby through medicine and he a very busy medical student, he still would work out time and money for us to have two night get a ways. I was of the generation that the man did everything but one day my husband said to me, “Why don’t you plan a get a way”. I thought that was a great idea! It turned out wonderful! It gave me a way to show him how special he was to me, and it helped me to realize how much he had done for me. We started doing one at or around Valentines, one in June to celebrate our Anniversary and a floating one in the fall, since it was not attached to anything. Since there were three we just alternate who plans the next one and that way you get to plan all three at different times.

    Also when you get creative it really gives you a “high” when God helps you think of creative ways to bless your husband and even helps you along the way!
    One of the surprise weekends I planned for him was for Valentines. We had just been through a real Jacob’s time of trouble with deaths and illness in the family, including me! The weather had also been terribly cold with ice and snow. I decided we had to get out of this cold weather! I had never planned a trip where we flew before but I decided we were going to fly to Phoenix Arizona, so I started looking for cheap tickets. This is where it helps to decide some time ahead what you are going to do, also to give yourself time for the creative part of your brain to work on the details. I also looked in my file folder I kept for places I thought I would like to go and found The Arizona Biltmore Hotel. I called and was able to get a reasonable room since we had to celebrate early, so it was not right at Valentines, that can help with the price.
    I had just had two disks fused so Nick was driving and I had to tell him where to go. When we entered the Airport I told him he was flying to Phoenix Arizona. He was thrilled as he was tired of all the ice and snow as well. This was before 911 so I had two little bottles of Marinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider with two stemmed glasses and valentine napkins with a large kiss imprint I pulled out during the flight. I also took out the ad for the Arizona Biltmore to let him know where he would be staying.
    Now this is where God took over! When we walked out of the airport at 10:00 pm at night to 72 degree weather and the fragrance of orange blossoms everywhere, a nicely dressed gentle walked up to us and said, “I can take you wherever you want to go, where are you headed”. We said, “The Arizona Biltmore”, he replied “Follow me”. We walked over to the area where the buses were to the different hotels and he opened the door to a black Cadillac limousine. I thought, “Wow, this is going to be expensive but this is our get a way!” He drove us to the hotel and said, “That will be $16.00” which was the same price we paid the cab going back. I think he must have taken someone to the airport and didn’t want to go back with nothing, so thought he would see who might want to have a ride and God lead him to us.
    When we walked into the hotel they told us that the rooms at our price were all taken, so they were putting us in one of the bungalows at the cheap price which were their most expensive units. They were like little cottages with their own private patio. Talk about Romantic! Not just a room down a hall!
    God created marriage and He loves it when we go out of our way to build up our mates, love them with His unconditional love, that only He can give us, and do everything we can to show them that love. That kind of attention gives huge dividends! We have been married for 46 wonderful years and I have a lot more ideas if you would like them.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Love your ideas. We’re so glad that you found us, and we look forward to hearing more from you. Check out our other romantic ideas by clicking on the categories in the sidebar.
      Happy to meet you!


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